Monitoring Jalan Tol dengan WebNMS

WebNMS Road Infrastructure Manager

Highways span along the length and breadth of the country, and efficient management of the passive assets along the highways is vital. WebNMS rolls out a solution Road Infrastructure Manager to monitor the health of critical highway systems like Emergency calling booths, Digital sign boards, Weather stations, and Toll collection booths.
Digital sign boards can be made interactive and be tailored to display messages based on real-time information pushed from a central location. The Traffic information concerning the number of vehicles flow based on its category are ticked instantaneously and accurately.
The wealth of information is captured by sensors, and based on the weather conditions, the operators can alert the travellers through the digital sign boards. Also the faulty Emergency booths are alerted along with the accurate location for servicing.
WebNMS Road Infrastructure Manager ensures:
  • Efficient utilization of highway passive assets
  • Proactive diagnosis of fault in Emergency Booth
  • Improved interaction between passive assets and operators
  • Eradication of accidents caused by unfavorable weather conditions
  • Accurate monitoring of Traffic flow information in Toll gates