M5, kontrol Pusat , dengan kepercayaan terdistribusi

Central Control — Distributed Trust

Trying to limit which devices an end-user can use actually undermines corporate security. Too often, those sneaky folks will find stealth workarounds that include accessing corporate information from their unsecure iPhones or Android phones, using cloud-based files sharing with little or no security, or simply downloading information onto their personal laptops. Given these habits, it’s no surprise that IT isn’t the most trusting of organizations in the enterprise — as they say: “no end-users, no problems.” Given that’s an impossibility, there’s a solution that enables end-users to use the devices they prefer when and where they want, while giving IT the level of security and control it needs.
With over 30 control policy options, M5 enables IT to configure data security the way that best meets their unique requirements. Using a single console, IT can configure access and security policies for all devices that touch critical enterprise data, from laptops to tablets to smartphones. Corporate data is encrypted for maximum security, leaving all transmissions secure and free of sensitive information.
Essential Technology for Mobile Workforce Security
MokaFive Suite has seven layers of security, each of which increases the overall protection of the corporate environment. Find out how we do it.

Secure data storage, anywhere, any time, on any device

M5 is architected to provide secure data storage from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Because M5 encrypts data at the device level, enterprises can choose to use public cloud storage or their own datacenter. Either way, because only encrypted information is transmitted, all communication remains secure.
To meet enterprise compliance policies, move from cloud-based shared files with minimal security to M5 platform, which meets full SSL and https compliance standards while providing the flexibility needed for a distributed mobile workforce.