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M5 — Making Mobility Meaningful

All Enterprise computing is mobile computing. Devices are smaller and more capable; services are now accessed via the cloud. In short, powerful business computing can be delivered to the point where business actually happens — wherever and whenever that may be. While enterprise mobility has been a reality for years, it’s only now seeing the widespread adoption first forecast back in the late 90s (anyone remember Palm?). Why?
  1. Popular devices can do a lot more than email.
  2. Ubiquitous hi-speed WiFi and cloud-based services deliver powerful solutions on-demand without needing a “heavy” mobile client.
  3. There’s a widespread acceptance of the “app” model – breaking enterprise applications into smaller, autonomous app-lets, enabling productivity on smaller form-factors.
  4. Changing business climate demands distributed, outsourced, and/or contract-based workers, while still achieving increasing degrees of agility, autonomy, and security without crippling device utility and worker productivity.
  5. IT is under internal pressure to transform from a cost center to a profit generator.

The Higher Performance Mobile WorkForce

Let’s face it. Mobility today is a soup of acronyms that ultimately does very little to enable your workforce. This is because mobility enablement solutions are too focused on managing and securing devices and not on ensuring real user productivity and capability. Today’s mobile management tools treat your smartphone like a computer, requiring agents to understand operating state and adjust configurations, while limiting access and functionality. Meanwhile, other solutions actually try to cram a whole Windows desktop onto a phone. It’s not surprising that many road warriors still carry two laptops, personal and corporate, as well as two smartphones, personal and a Blackberry/Windows phone. Too often the people who should be the most agile workers are literally and figuratively weighed down with device choices dictated to them.

Only MokaFive delivers:

  • Agile Management —
    • Centralized updates, deployment, and image removal; enterprise-wide, for a group or single user
    • Single console management for all devices
    • Both in- and out-of-band management
  • Secure Access —
    • Policy-based enforcement
    • Public and private asset segregation
    • Compliance policies ideal for contractors and offshore workers
  • Device Aware Data —
    • Data follows user across all devices
    • Localized processing (unwired)
    • Intelligent edit capabilities based on data types and devices
MokaFive is the first enterprise mobility solution that puts the focus where it needs to be: on managing and securing the data and applications you need to be productive, not a commodity device. The M5 platform creates a highly-elastic enterprise perimeter where data and applications follow the end-user and are delivered as simply-managed, highly-secure workspaces for popular end-user devices from notebooks to tablets to smartphones. The M5 containerized workspace effectively isolates corporate assets from personal ones, as well as from the underlying host. This unique architecture ensures host-level malware, vulnerabilities and configuration errors of unsecure, unmanaged devices won’t affect critical data and applications.
Because you manage the workspace and not the device, secure, customized and up-to-date images can be deployed to the entire enterprise, specific groups, or even individual users when they activate their M5 app. Endpoint management and configuration tasks that used to take weeks can now be done in minutes regardless of where the device is located. Security is defined and enforced within the workspace by your enterprise policies including network access, secure data sharing, image wiping, email, and public cloud access via fully-encrypted browser sessions. Most importantly, full end-user productivity is ensured as all M5 workspaces are device-aware and work both online and offline.