Mokafive, solusi manajemen desktop terdistribusi

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Desktop management. Simplified.

Install in minutes and start deploying workspaces within a few hours.

“After looking at the options, MokaFive’s BareMetal solution for desktop management came out heads and shoulders above the competition.”
—Mike Chase, CIO, dinCloud
Encapsulate your desktop into a LivePC virtual machine

Create a golden LivePC

Using MokaFive, an IT administrator creates or imports the enterprise desktop into a LivePC. The LivePC is uploaded to the MokaFive server as the corporate golden image.

Deploy the LivePC to each user, which they run directly on their machines

Deploy a workspace to each user

Users download the workspace which runs directly on their computers. MokaFive includes a client hypervisor, which encapsulates the corporate LivePC from the host machine, keeping corporate data secure and maintaining privacy. LivePC runs locally, delivering great desktop performance and allowing users to work offline.

Layering: Let users personalize their LivePCs

Users personalize their LivePCs

LivePCs are automatically split into separate layers:
  • User data and settings
  • User-installed applications
  • Base golden image with the corporate OS and applications
With layers, users and departments can customize their images locally while IT maintains the base golden image. This way, a single golden image can be used for all users, saving time and effort.

Users can self-recover

Users can self-recover

When users run into malware, BSODs, or other problems, they can instantly recover their LivePCs to the original, pristine state while maintaining their personal data and settings.

Update the golden image and MokaFive automatically distributes differentials to each user

Centrally update LivePCs

With MokaFive, IT simply updates the golden image and MokaFive distributes the differential update to each user. The updated image is a bit-for-bit copy of the golden image, so installation success is guaranteed. If an issue arises, users can be rolled back to the last good version.

Control all LivePCs centrally through policies

Control LivePCs through policies

View all LivePCs on the MokaFive console, and control them with over 70 security policies. If a computer is lost or stolen, IT can kill images remotely.