MokaFive, inovasi VDI yang simpel

Inovasi MokaFive, simpel dan proven.

Innovation That Delivers

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Simply Powerful & Secure.

  • Rejuvenation allows users to fix their own desktop problems, without losing data, or even a call to the help-desk.
  • Automatic domain join enables instant provisioning without a reboot or a network connection.
  • Single-sign-on allows quick, convenient access to the corporate desktop and VPN.
  • Web-based deployment allows you to deliver images and updates through a simple URL — zero-touch.
  • Customizable interface lets you tailor the user experience for your company’s needs.
  • Bulk duplication easily creates installation disks or USBs.
  • BareMetal Player installs directly onto hardware; avoids the maintenance and licensing of a host OS.
  • Quick access to corporate data from an iPad or iPhone.

Adapts to users needs.

Adapts to users needs
  • Virtual Layers allow users to install their own applications, settings, preferences, and data, while IT retains control over security.
  • Adjustable disk size and memory allows users to adjust resources allocated to the virtual desktop.
  • Support for host-connected printers, without requiring drivers in the image.
  • 3D graphics acceleration lets users enjoy Aero and other graphics enhancements.
  • iPad access to Google Apps, MS SharePoint, and sanctioned personal file shares.


Seven layers of security.

  • Built-in AVG® anti-virus scanning constantly monitors for key loggers and screen scrapers. It also scans the host computer at startup.
  • Virtual desktop encapsulation keeps corporate data separate from personal files on BYO devices.
  • AES 256 encryption of the virtual disk ensures compliance with government regulations and prevents data leaks.
  • Tamper resistance and copy protection keeps the virtual desktop from being moved or edited.
  • AD and two-factor RSA SecurID authentication allows access only to authorized users.
  • Granular security policies give IT full control.
  • Remote revoke or kill allows you to wipe the encrypted data container from lost or stolen devices.

Enterprise-ready management.

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  • One console to administer every computer and device in the enterprise, regardless of platform.
  • Image versioning and rollback allows you to target users with a specific image version or revert to a last-known-good version.
  • AD integration allows you to leverage user passwords, group membership, and GPO control.
  • Granular, role-based access control allows you to safely enable image engineers, desktop administrators, report viewers, and helpdesk staff.
  • Image-store replicas allow you to reduce WAN congestion by bringing image updates to replica servers on local LANs.
  • Assignable image distribution points through AD groups or IP address.
  • Full APIs allow you to access all data and all controls through scripts or third-party applications.
  • JMS-compliant message bus allows other applications to be notified of activities such as provisioning or deletion of virtual desktops.
  • Application Gateway allows users to receive image updates over any Internet connection — no VPN required.
  • Network monitoring support allows you to easily monitor MokaFive infrastructure components with standard monitoring tools.
  • Amazon S3 support allows you to efficiently distribute image updates to global locations without installing dedicated infrastructure.

Service provider ready.

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  • True multi-tenant architecture creates fully-isolated, logically separate environments for new customers in seconds. Each tenant receives his own console view.
  • Tenant control allows you to create, disable, enable, or delete tenants.
  • Image sharing allows you to share a managed image to selected tenants, or let them upload their own private images.
  • Cross-tenant reporting lets you monitor activity.
  • Full APIs allow you to feed license information to your billing system, and access any other information.

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