CCTV bisnis menggiurkan

Salah satu bisnis yang terus menggiurkan sepanjang tahun adalah CCTV. Beragam teknologi dan perangkat CCTV dikembangkan , dari harga ratusan ribu hingga jutaan rupiah dipasang di berbagai tempat. Ceruk nya masih terbuka lebar. Tertarik ?

Hikvision Continues Its Leading Position as a Global CCTV and Video Surveillance Market Leader


June 20, 2013   For the second consecutive financial year, Hikvision has held the top global position with a dominant market share of 8% of the CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment in 2012. This is a great improvement from last year's 5.9% in market share, according to a recentreport from IMS Research - now part of IHS Inc. (NYSE: IHS).
While maintaining its position as the world's finest DVR supplier for 4 consecutive years, Hikvision has also accomplished other notable achievements in the fields of Network Security Cameras, rising to No.3 from last year's 4th position, and standing out by gaining 11.1% of the worldwide market share of megapixel network security cameras. This noteworthy achievement once again serves as proof of Hikvision's continuous efforts to continually offer a fuller range of video surveillance products; moreover the performance in the VMS category highlights the capability of Hikvision to be identified as a leading video surveillance solution provider globally.
Located below is a table illustrating Hikvision's rankings and market share in  various cateogaries (as per report published by IHS "The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment – 2013 edition")
Hikvision Ranking
Hikvision 2012 Market Share
CCTV & Video Surveillance Equipment
Network Security Cameras
Megapixel Network Security Cameras
Analogue Security Cameras
Security Camera
Video Encoders
Network Video Surveillance Equipment

"We are pleased to see Hikvision's continual dominance in these areas," stated Polo Cai, Vice President at Hikvision. "We have been able to carve out this excellent market position, primarily thanks to our continuous innovation in Hikvision product portfolio. This is also an attribute to our continually expanding sales channels to various markets."
"Our industry is moving towards HD IP, which has been more-and-more progressively  accepted by worldwide customers. As a response, Hikvision is keeping in step with this trend and seeking new innovations to address ever-changing needs. We've developed a full-range of HD IP product lines, differing from entry-level, to professional sectors - which have now been highly acclaimed by our partners and customers worldwide. This is also the primary reason that we continue to benefit from Hikvision's annual growth," Polo noted. "Hikvision is quickly growing in the global market, which we are especially proud of in this tough financial climate. As a commitment of such, Hikvision will always work to stay ahead of market needs and listen very carefully to the voice of the market, as well as continuing our sensitivity to the cultures of our customers across the globe."
According to Principal analyst, Jon Cropley, "During the previous 5 years the world video surveillance market has grown at an average rate of over 10% a year. At the same time, Hikvision has quickly grown its share of the market. It is estimated to have first become the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance equipment in 2011 and increased its market share yet further in 2012."
About IHS report 
The IHS report "The World Market for CCTV and Video Surveillance Equipment – 2013 Edition" presents the sales performance and revenue rankings for all vendors providing video surveillance equipments in 2012. In assessing the economic outlook, the industry forecast is carried out for the period 2013 to 2017, containing all product categories among various verticals and regions.