Navicat, manajemen database dengan cara mudah..

Navicat™ is a fast, reliable and affordable Database Administration tool
purpose-built for simplifying database management and reducing administration costs.
With an intuitive GUI, Navicat provides you an easier way to manage, design and manipulate data insides MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL.
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  Smart Object Design  
Navicat provides an intuitive and well-designed user interface to create, modify and manage all objects in database, such as Tables, Views, Functions/Procedures, Indexes, Triggers and Sequences. Our Table Designer helps you create and modify database tables - allow you to design and visualize a single table in a database to which you are connected, and helping you set advanced options like relationships, constraints, triggers and more.
  Simplify Data Editing  
You can use Navicat to browse and modify data that is contained in a database. When you insert, edit, delete data or copy & paste a number of records in our spreadsheet-like data editor, Navicat will run appropriate commands (eg. INSERT or UPDATE) on the database server. So you don’t need to write complicated SQL anymore. Also, you’ll get a wide range of data editing tools to facilitate your editing job. such as foreign key lookup, set/enum picker, records filter and a set of assistant editors like a memo editor with syntax-highlight for large text value, and a handy hex-editor for binary data. Navicat provides everythings you need to manage your data.
Easy SQL Editing
Here you can create, edit, run queries and view the results. Our amazing Context-sensitive Code Completion feature, not only helps you to complete the query you're typing by making sensible suggestions but also helps you to code error-free and faster. The Query Builder allows you to create and edit queries visually without knowledge of SQL. It provides a set of methods to build individual parts of a SELECT statement. It then assembles different parts into a valid SQL statement. Just a few clicks, a complete query will be ready for you.
And, SQL Beautifier in SQL Editor is designed to increase your productivity, since you don’t have worry about the format of your query when you create it, or reformat it when you make modifications. You can get a well-formatted query instantly, which lets you easier to comprehend and improves the readability of your query.
Seamless Data Migration
Navicat ships with a wide range of functions and equips with a set of simple, easy to use and wizard-driven UI to manage and manipulate your data.
Import Wizard - import data from various files into your databases.
Export Wizard - export data from tables, views, or query results to any available formats like Excel, Access and CVS.
Data Transfer - transfer data from local to local, local to remote, or even across MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
Data Synchronization - analyze and migrate data between databases/schemas, so that you can ensure each database stores the same information.
Also, you can get detailed and summary migration reports to ensure successful completion and save your settings as a profile for setting schedule.
Advanced Report Builder
Convert data from your data source into a sophisticated, elegant report with our Report Builder. You can build professional and quality reports in minutes using its interactive design interface and efficient workflows - simply drag and drop objects into your report canvas. Enhance your reports with our extensive charting and stunning visualization options, which allow you to insert dynamic charts, and graphics in your reports. Also, you’ll find a comprehensive set of report components, such as region, subreport and crosstab, to get your report creation off to a flying start.
Intelligent Model Design
Turn your databases into a graphical representations using our sophisticated database design and modeling tool. It uses entity relationship diagrams to visualize database structures and illustrate relationships between data, so you can model, create and understand complex databases much easier. And, you’ll find flexible and reliable modeling functionalities like reverse-engineer existing database and generate the most popular SQL. Navicat just delivers all the features you expect in a professional database design and modeling tool.
Powerful User Management
Simplify user/role creation and let you to quickly create and edit user/role in minutes without having to type commands. User management capabilities enable you to elevate and manage administrative rights on a per-user. With this level of precise control, you can create your own rules and give users the access they need while still protecting your database. Also, you can work seamlessly with object privilege through an intuitive UI. You won’t find an easier or more affordable way to maintain your database security.
Keep Your
Data Safe
Navicat offers a local backup solution, to ensure the recovery of your database when disaster occurs. Backups can be saved on the local hard drive or network drive. You can save your settings within the current session for future use. And, it’s also possible to automatically perform the backups using our Schedule function.
Execute Anytime,
Naivact lets you create a batch job to perform several tasks. For example, printing reports, backing up your database and then transferring data to another database. You can schedule to run the batch job at a specific time or at a certain time every day, and set up email notifications for ensuring a successful task completion. No matter where you are, you always get the jobs done.
Five Databases, One User Experience
Navicat supports working with almost all known database systems - MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle and PostgreSQL, and provides direct native connectivity to your databases. It gives you the most efficient and easy-to-understand experience possible. Enhance user experience through a highly interactive, single user interface that unites process, workflow and integration.