WebNMS sebagai solusi DCIM

WebNMS M2M Unveils Unified Data Center Infrastructure Management

 | By Niranjana
WebNMS M2M  launches WebNMS DCIM(Data Center Infrastructure Manager) a end-end data center monitoring solution  merging  two  proven strengths of  ManageEngine IT 360 (Integrated IT Management solution ) and WebNMS framework (  Highly scalable  M2M platform  with more than 25,000 deployments worldwide)  to  bridge the gap that exists between the IT and facilities infrastructure layer.
Data center  is the most expensive IT resource and mission critical IT asset.  Emergence of buzz words like resource optimization, energy efficiency,  24×7 uptime, power management have made the job of data center managers  more complex.
 Gartner  Inc. researchers estimate that energy-related costs  account for about  12 percent of data center expenses, which  makes energy the single  largest cost for many data centers. Some  estimates put the total annual  energy cost of U.S. data centers as high as $3.3 billion.
Data center managers have to achieve 360 degree approach to  reduce cost inspite of  growing complexity and various challenges. An integrated DCIM solution can streamline data center operations, improve agility and cut costs.
Conventional DCIM  solution doesn’t provide comprehensive view of entire data center. Data  Center Managers can break the shackles with a unified solution that can  provide comprehensive overview of physical and IT infrastructure  effectively.
Unified DCIM is a new approach  to manage and control IT and non-IT assets.The  ultimate objective of data center infrastructure management  (DCIM)   is  to optimize the balance between capacity and availability,  minimize  excess resource allocation while ensuring continuous uptime.
A  unified DCIM solution  covers the following layers :
  1. Facility infrastructure layer
  2. IT infrastructure layer
  3. Business service management layer
Each  of these layers provide specific information. The facility infrastructure layer comprising  (power supply, air conditioning system, access control system, camera,  sensors, meters) provides data  on power consumption, temperature,   battery health, security etc.
IT infrastructure layer encompassing (servers, network switches, routers, LAN, WAN and storage arrays) provides detailed view of all IT assets.Business service management layer enables to monior CPU utilization, server response time, recent alarms from networks, interface and storage.
WebNMS  DCIM  provides visibility of entire data center ecosystem. WebNMS  DCIM’s goal is to provide indepth visibility, optimize operational efficiency and reduce power  consumption across entire data center portfolio.