AKCP untuk BTS monitoring

AKCP is the only company in the world that provides an integrated approach to Sensor, Video and Personnel Monitoring.

AKCess Pro has been successfully designing and manufacturing cutting edge monitoring equipment for over 30 years and we are the market leaders in environmental and security monitoring for many industries.
A Modular System

Monitoring Telecom Sites

AKCess Pro environmental monitoring units and sensors are easy to install with simple wizards to help you along the way. Once installed, you have the option of using the AKCess Pro Server application, a central monitoring software that is both intuitive to use and configure so you will be up and running in no time.
securityProbe 5ESV
Just $1295.00 USD
One of the key features of AKCP's Local and Remote Solutions is buffered file transfers. When interruptions to network communication occur, all Sensor, CCTV and Personnel information is saved locally on the base unit. All of this information is then automatically sent to AKCP's Central Management Software when full network connectivity has been restored.
This makes AKCP products an ideal for both Local and Remote Applications.

How AKCP Remote Telecoms Solutions can help...

Remote Site Management

Multiple securityProbe's in different locations can be controlled from the probeManager interface in the AKCess Pro Server application, all aimed at giving you added peace of mind that your remote telecoms locations are secure and operational.
Simply by adding a range of securityProbe or sensorProbe IP's you can 'Get' or 'Send' Configuration, Notification and Firmware Updates to all of the probes in your distributed network.
AKCess Pro Servers : probeManager distributes configuration, notifications and firmware
updates to all of your remote sites over a LAN or WAN connection.

iPhone Application

Once installed the AKCess Pro Server has an additional client that can be installed on an Apple iPhone device. This connects to your server giving you remote access to your workspace.
This makes it easy to monitor video cameras and devices wherever you are in the world and is perfect for remote Access Control applications.
View who and when someone is trying to enter a secure room and check on the environmental aspects like temperature or humidity. You get the same comprehensive access to AKCess Pro devices and cameras but in an easy to use Apple iPhone interface.
iPhone Application