Kemampuan monitoring BTS dengan AKCP

Features » Remote Site Mapping

What's more, with AKCess Pro Server you can drag & drop your doors, sensors, cameras and access control readers - all of your monitoring devices, onto any map of your choice.
Monitor an overview, or drill down to a specific device location. Maps showing cities, countries, buildings, and specific rooms are easily combined as a visual representation with a host of preset animations to use.
AKCess Pro Servers : Mapping lets you visualize all of your remote sites on
a single map or 'drill down' to show local site information.

Features » Notification Suite

Combined with the AKCess Pro Server, Event Log and Notification integration suite this becomes a powerful tool in averting potential disaster or loss of mission critical resources.
012012/05/07 09:44:17Calling Emergency Services
022012/05/07 09:44:16Siren Strobe Alarm status is Alarm
032012/05/07 09:44:16Smoke Detector Port 2 status is Smoke
042012/05/07 09:44:16Temperature Sensor Port 1 is 85 °C, status is Critical
Telecoms Compound
142012/05/07 09:10:16E-mail sent to Security Services "Alert : Temperature Low Critical"
152012/05/07 09:10:16High Definition Digital Camera status is Recording
162012/05/07 09:10:16Temperature Sensor Port 1 is 75 °C, status is Low Critical