Mengapa helpdesk harus mendukung multi-site support ?

Mengapa helpdesk harus mendukung multi-site support  ?

Dalam operasional helpdesk, khususnya di Indonesia, dimana menganut 3 pola jam waktu yang berbeda, maka peranan multi-site akan sangat membantu. Fitur ini dimiliki oleh ServiceDesk Plus, dimana tiap waktu dapat dianggap sebagai suatu site sendiri.

Multi Site Support

It can pose a major trouble for your help desk technicians, if your organization is spread across buildings, regions, or countries. Each business unit can function on its own organizational rules and can also have different operational hours.
When operational hours differ, the request logged from one unit may not be solved at the help desk which is at another site. In such cases the request waits in the queue until the next day for the technicians and hence further delaying the time taken to resolve each issue. The issue can be the same in cases where the public holidays are differ across sites.
ServiceDesk Plus has introduced the Multi Site Support where all these issues can be resolved. Now, your business units across all the geographic areas can have a single help desk which takes into account all the different rules and regulations of each unit.

Configure Multiple Sites for a Single Organization

Converge all IT help desks in your business units across buildings/complexes or countries, to function as a single help desk. This feature helps consolidate all the activities across your organization and streamlines the IT processes.
Multisite Model

Customize Each Business Unit

If your business units are in different locations, you can customize the holidays, departments, technicians /site associations, groups, business rules and SLA's as per the location's operational hours. Customizing each sites information will ensure that the requests logged in from each of this site are resolved as per the site's business rules and SLA's.
Helpdesk software-Customize each business unit

Categorize each site to specific time zones

Enables the requests logged in from each site to be resolved within that particular site's operational hours. This also helps the technicians working in different time zones to know the time line each request is following when resolving issues.
Helpdesk Software-Organization Details

24/7 Helpdesk

In cases where the organizations are spread across different time zones, the operational hours might differ. Issues logged in from different locations will thus follow different time lines. Technicians can be covered across different time zones in case of absence due to operational time difference, national holidays or non availability ensuring that lesser SLA's are violated.