Gunakan SQLDbManager Plus utk monitoring performance SQL server Anda

SQLDBManager Plus Monitoring Capability:

ManageEngine SQLDBManager Plus helps database administrators monitor SQL servers performance and availability. Its an agentless monitoring solution provides out-of-the-box performance metrics for ensuring the SQL Server runs efficiently. Its intuitive web client helps visualize and manage Microsoft SQL Server Database farms and provides in-depth SQL monitoring data that helps DBAs make educated decisions about usage patterns, plan capacity and alarm you of impending problems.
  • SQL Server Connection Time
  • SQL Buffer and Cache Utilization
  • SQL User Sessions
  • SQL Cache Memory
  • SQL Database Utilization & Connections
  • SQL Server CPU, Memory and Disk Utilization
  • SQL Host Server Network Interface Metrics
  • SQL Host Server Event Log Metrics
  • SQL Host Server Window Services and Process Information
  • SQL Jobs and Backup monitoring
  • SQL Query Performance monitoring
  • SQL Lock Memory
  • SQL Optimizer Memory
  • SQL Connection Memory
  • SQL Total and Database Pages
  • SQL Access Method Details
  • SQL Database File Size, Percentage of Log Used
  • SQL Database Status
SQL Server Summary Metrics
SQL Server - Host Performance Metrics
SQLDBManager Plus displays various information of the Server on which Microsoft SQL Server is running. It displays CPU, and Memory utilization which allows you to monitor and optimize the performance of memory allocated per query. Disk Utilization allows you to track the growth of your databases over a period of time and help you with capacity planning.
SQL Server Host Metrics
SQL Server - Memory Performance Metrics
SQLDBManager Plus displays Memory Usage and Buffer Manager Statistics. With the help of Buffer Manager Statistics, you can now monitor the physical I/O action taken by the SQL server to read and write pages into the disk per minute. With Memory Usage statistics you will be able to monitor the amount of SQL Cache and Lock Memory utilized by SQL server, thus helping you to identify any performance issue with your database server.
SQL Server Memory Metrics
SQL Server - Session Performance Metrics
SQLDBManager Plus provides in-depth details on Connection Statistics, SQL Statistics, Active Connections, Login and Logout per Minute, SQL Compliations and Recompliations per Minute, etc. Connection Statistics. Login/Logout per Minute, etc allows you to identify the distribution load on your critical database and if it crosses certain threshold, you are intimated automatically thus allowing you to maintain optimal performance.
SQL Server Session Metrics
SQL Server - Database Performance Metrics
SQLDBManager Plus displays in-depth information on Database Name, Data File Size (in MB), Percentage of Log Used, Status of Databases, Availability and Health of Databases, etc. Through 7/30 reports, you can identify the growth patterns for various databases and use it for capacity planning according to the need.
SQL Server Database Metrics
SQL Server - Jobs & Backup Metrics
SQLDBManager Plus pulls information on Job Details such as Job Name, Current Status, Last Run Status, Health, Database Name, Start and End time, Total Time for executing the job on the Database, etc. This information about Jobs and Backup allows DBAs to identify if automated tasks are executed properly and whether backup is occuring as planned. This saves DBAs a lot of time and effort instead of monitoring them manually.
SQL Server Database Jobs and Backup Metrics
SQL Server - Query Performance Monitoring
SQLDBManager Plus provides the ability to monitor the performance of each SQL Query executed within an Microsoft Database. With this, a DBA can monitor the overall performance of the DB and pinpoint any performance bottleneck caused by a single query quickly and troubleshoot it.
SQL Query Performance Monitoring
SQL Server - Custom Query Monitoring
SQLDBManager Plus provides the ability to monitor any Custom SQL Query of an Microsoft Database. With this, a DBA can monitor additional performance metrics, monitor critical database tables and even expose Business Metrics to Line of Business Managers.
SQL Server Database Custom Query Monitoring