Add-in Outlook untuk SupportCenter

Sekarang lebih mudah integrasi call center agent Anda dgn ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus menggunakan V-Support.

This add-in bridges the gap between Support Center Plus and Outlook.
Because email is a business crucial tool and requestors tend to send an email directly to support reps,
this result in fewer request being logged and the contact and account history is not as complete.

By clicking just one button the request gets created with all information in the email,
Basic information can then be configured though the add-in

  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Implement and deploy
  • Time saving
  • Fast ROI (Return of investment)
  • More detailed History
  • Flexible license structure
These statistics have been read from one customer using the add-in.
Completed Request By Mode Oktober 2013 and about 12% increase in request getting logged and billed.


This add-in bridges the gap between Service Desk Plus and Microsoft Outlook by enabling integration. By just clicking one button a request is created in Support Center Plus with the subject of the email and all content of the email is assigned to that request.

There is no question that this add-in ROI is quick since it only takes 1-2 requests to save using this add-in. 5-10% more request logging and the historical support data becomes more accurate.

This add-in allows usage of active sync for information replication. This means that all request information a user creates in the add-in can be accessible for the user in another Outlook. This is very useful when a user has a workstation and another device for example a Microsoft Windows Surface or other tablet PC.

This add-in supports the business unit functionallity in Support Center Plus. That meens if the support rep. has access to more than one business unit then he can use the add-in to create request in all units that he has acces to.

You can use a built in WYSIWYG HTML editor to edit request description and resolution. With this editor you can format text and layout just the way you like it.

With just one click you can access a request created by the add-in directly. This action opens up the request  in Support Center Plus portal.

this video shows how you can create a request with just two clicks.
With just a few more click assign group and  technician.

Developed for Support Center Plus 7900 +