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Fusioncharts, solusi chart aplikasi Anda.

We power over aBILLIONdelightful charts a month Sounds like a very tall claim isn't it? For us, it is just the beginning. When it comes to interactive data visualization on the web, FusionCharts Suite XT is trusted by 21,000Customers 450,000Developers More than80% of Fortune 500 firms 118Countries Transform any data into a delightful experience The perfect addition to your dashboards, reports, analytics and surveys. Whether you are using server-side technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, RoR, ColdFusion, Python with any database, client-side scripting like JavaScript, or frameworks like jQuery, FusionCharts Suite XT integrates seamlessly with all of them. And the best part is the unified experience, it renders the same across browsers and devices including iPads and iPhones. So, what does it really mean? See how a billion charts stack up in real-world terms...

IT360 menjawab kebutuhan integrated monitoring

With more than 100 years of tradition behind it, DORMA, a family-owned company has developed into the trusted global partner for premium access solutions and services enabling better buildings. DORMA is the leader in door controls, movable walls, glass fittings and accessories, and number two in automatic doors. The company is a member of the world elite. It is also a successful player in the security, time-management, access-control systems and is number one in Germany for emergency-exit control and escape-route security systems. IT plays an important role in managing DORMA’s day-to-day business activities that are spread across the globe. UK acts as the central hub for managing DORMA’s entire IT infrastructure. Virtualization was introduced to DORMA as part of restructuring its IT infrastructure to bring in efficiency when a need for a systems-management tool started to worry Mr. Geoff Stone, currently heading IT infrastructure division. Operational Challenge“We used to control things…

Tableau untuk dunia Edukasi Indonesia

Schools need data to improve. But balancing the data, analysis and reporting requirements across a system of schools can be challenging. Tableau eases this burden by allowing anyone to perform sophisticated education analytics and share their findings with online dashboards. Tableau can also be a powerful research tool within the classroom, empowering students and teachers alike to see and understand their data. Provide teachers with immediate, data-driven feedback on student performanceCreate and share sophisticated district, school and teacher evaluationsPut interactive reports online for parents and the public Try Tableau for FreeExplore Education on Tableau Server Student PerformanceEnrollment DataTeacher EvaluationsFast Reporting

Tableau version 8 ..

New Tableau 8 Desktop features Posted by Andrei Pandre underDV News,Tableau
1 Comment I left Tableau 2012 conference in San Diego (where Tableau 8 was announced) a while ago with enthusiasm which you can feel from this real-life picture of 11 excellent announcers: Conference was attended by 2200+ people and 600+ Tableau Software employees (Tableau almost doubled the number of employees in a year) and it felt like a great effort toward IPO (see also article here:  See some video here:TCC12 Keynote . Tableau 8 introduce 130+ new features, 3 times more then Tableau 7 did. Almost half of these new features are in Tableau 8 Desktop and this post about those new Desktop features (this is a repost from my Tableau Blog: New Tableau 8 Server features deserved a separate blog post which I will publish a little later after pl…

Magic Quadrant untuk Business Intellegence dan Platform Analytic

Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms5 February 2013ID:G00239854 Analyst(s):Kurt Schlegel,Rita L. Sallam,Daniel Yuen,Joao Tapadinhas VIEW SUMMARY The dominant theme of the market in 2012 was that data discovery became a mainstream BI and analytic architecture. The market also saw increased activity in real time, content and predictive analytics. Market Definition/Description This document was revised on 13 February 2013. The document you are viewing is the corrected version. For more information, see theCorrections pageon Gartner changed the name of this Magic Quadrant from "Business Intelligence Platforms" to "Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms" to emphasize the growing importance of analysis capabilities to the information systems that organizations are now building. Gartner defines the business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform market as a software platform that delivers 15 capabilities across three categ…