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Pasar perangkat peripheral mendukung pasar SMB

Peripherals market to drive Indonesia SMB hardware spend Improving cost efficiencies is high up the agenda of Indonesian small and medium business (SMB) and enterprises and this will be driving the changes within the peripherals market.
Vendors offering color copier-based multi-function printers (MFPs) will note an increase in their revenue in 2012 as its acceptance by businesses heighten due to a focus from SMBs in driving up longer-term cost efficiencies against shorter-term cost reductions. In 2011, color copier-based MFP took 17.8% of total market share compared to 13.5% a year ago. 
International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that the hard copy peripherals (HCP) market in Indonesia will continue to grow as positive economic news will pave the way for SMBs and Enterprises to spend more on hardware.
Sharing insights on the "IDC Indonesia ICT 2012 Top 10 Predictions" report, Sudev Bangah, Senior Research Manager, IDC Asia/Pacific said, "Indonesia will move into a transf…

Opmanager bisa untuk manajemen virtual server Anda


20 jam per Minggu untuk problem IT, gunakan software monitoring saja

The IT department is under ever-increasing pressure to improve operational efficiency, in response to myriad factors such as the onset of the cloud paradigm and ongoing macroeconomic woes. But a report from Kelton Global, commissioned by IT service optimization firm TeamQuest, finds that IT professionals in large enterprises are still spending an average of 20 hours a week responding to unexpected IT issues. The report - based on a survey of 214 US enterprises with more than 1,000 employees - alleges that too few large companies are proactively addressing these problems before they arise. Unexpected issues chew up man-hours The survey shows that the average IT department deals with 20 unexpected issues – such as network outages or slowdowns and equipment failures – per week. Each issue encountered takes an average of one hour to resolve, and requires the attention of five IT staff members. Close to half of IT departments encounter weekly network slowdowns and outages, and nearly as many hav…

Temukan permasalahan jaringan dengan segera..

Identify network faults and start resolving them much before your boss or an end-user calls! Network Fault Management is all about staying current with what is happening in your network, be it an unforeseen outage or performance degradation. Detect, recover and limit the impact of failures in your network using OpManager, your 24/7 network surveillance. The powerful fault management capability of OpManager helps you isolate and resolve a fault in a wink. Be the first to detect Detect a fault from wherever you are! OpManager alerts you over an SMS and Email. Alerts are also sent as RSS Feeds. The capability to instantly alert you of a network trouble ensures that no time is lost in resolving it. The Alert ProfilesEmail AlertsRSS Feeds Be notified through Email, SMS and via RSS feedsCheck the alerts on the Smartphone GUI (iPhone and Blackberry).. Isolate and troubleshoot a fault Perform first-level troubleshooting to assess the damage and work out possible quick resolutions. Drill-down t…


10 keys to successful patch management By  March 12, 2013, 1:23 PM PDT Takeaway: In honor of Microsoft Patch Tuesday, here’s a look at 10 areas IT pros need to keep an eye on to ensure a smooth patch management strategy. The recent spate of Java vulnerabilities has required a number of large vendors to react almost instantly to optimize security levels. But as good as these reactions are, organisations urgently need to apply insightful strategic thinking to ensure that security updates are reaching the entire organisation’s IT estate. CentraStage analyzed anonymous hardware and software data (including thousands of PCs and servers in 6,000 organisations across public sector establishments currently running our solution) and found that 40 percent of servers and workstations are missing security patches. In addition, six vendors — Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla, Apple, Oracle, and Google — together released 257 security bulletins/advisories fixing 1,521 vulnerabilities in 2011.…

7 keahlian TI paling dicari di 2013

7 Keahlian TI Paling Banyak Dicari di 2013 Penulis: Deliusno | Selasa, 5 Februari 2013 | 08.13 WIB Dibaca: 66238  Komentar : 50 Share: ShutterstockIlustrasi - Kebutuhan tenaga kerja di bidang teknologi informasi diyakini akan tetap tinggi di tahun 2013.

Namun, dengan banyaknya bahasa program, platform, protokol, dan teknologi lain, sangat sulit untuk mengetahui mana yang harus dipelajari.

Oleh karena itu, akan sangat baik apabila Anda mengetahui terlebih dahulu tren teknologi apa yang akan banyak dicari perusahaan di tahun 2013 ini.

Nah, berdasarkan survei dan berbagai sumber data lain, berikut 7 kemampuan yang kemungkinan besar akan dicari di tahun 2013, seperti dikutip dari ReadWrite.

1. Segala hal yang berkaitan dengan komputasi awan (cloud computing)

Di tahun 2013, komputasi awan masih akan menjadi tren di dunia TI enterprise. Hal tersebut terbukti dari tingginya permintaan akan karyawan yang mengerti akan teknologi komputasi awan.

Secara spesifik, perusahaan akan banyak mencari pe…