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NetZoom , software Data Center Infrastructure Management Anda.

Here are some reasons why we think you will love NetZoom:1.Automatically Generate DataCenter Diagrams, Layouts, and ReportsUsing NetZoom, you can now automatically generate a variety of detailed reports such as inventory reports, warranty reports, capacity reports, and much more for your datacenter. You can also generate complex datacenter plan view floor layouts from your existing datacenter infrastructure within NetZoom. And last but not the least, you can automatically generate front and rear rack elevation diagrams for datacenter racks with a click of a button. With our new collection of automated tools, you can’t go wrong. 2.Create Physical and Logical Network Diagrams using NetZoom Equipment Shapes and Stencils

Create complex logical & physical network, datacenter, and rack diagrams in Microsoft Visio using templates and equipment shapes and stencils from the comprehensive NetZoom library. NetZoom shapes are high quality, intelligent shapes that also come with manufacturer spe…

Pengukuran dan benchmarking PUE dan DCIE

PUE AND DCIE DATA CENTER EFFICIENCY MEASUREMENT AND BENCHMARKINGJump to: Interactive PUE CalculatorWhat is PUE?How to Calculate PUECalculating Efficiency Savings Benchmarking your data center's energy efficiency is a key first step towards reducing power consumption and related energy costs. Benchmarking enables you to understand the current level of efficiency in a data center, and as you implement additional efficiency best practices, it helps you gauge the effectiveness of those efficiency efforts. Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and its reciprocal Data Center infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) are widely accepted benchmarking standards proposed by the Green Grid to help IT Professionals determine how energy efficient data centers are, and to monitor the impact of their efficiency efforts. The Uptime Institute also has a comprehensive benchmark it recommends named Corporate Average Data center Efficiency (CADE). At their February 2009 Technical Forum, the Green Grid introduced new b…

Realitas PUE dan PUE v2, perbaikan perhitungan PUE

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