MRTG For Windows = PRTG

Masih ingat MRTG ? Pernah dengar MRTG For Windows ? Ya itu PRTG

What is MRTG?

MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a tool that monitors traffic on a network connections mainly using SNMP. Although useful, MRTG has its limitations, especially the complex installation on Linux systems. Many of its users have now discovered PRTG Network Monitor an innovative and user-friendly network and bandwidth monitoring tool.

PRTG - MRTG For Windows

Often described as MRTG for Windows, PRTG makes bandwidth monitoring easy. The products work with SNMP enabled devices, such as managed switches, routers and firewalls. Also WMI enabled Windows systems can be monitored as well as many other protocols. PRTG is remarkably easy to install on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008. Monitoring is both simple and intuitive, and can be done via a web based front end. Data retrieval and configuration is easy, and the fully skinnable web interface makes it easy to customize reports to suit your business.

Choose between Freeware Edition and Commercial Editions

If you're looking for a professional LAN monitor that meets your bandwidth management needs, this MRTG-for-Windows product is exactly what you need. PRTG is available in two different editions. The Freeware Edition is completely free for both personal and commercial use. The Commercial Edition is suitable for those who need to monitor more than 10 sensors, and licenses start at $440/€330.
We think that PRTG is the ideal Windows alternative to MRTG - and we're not alone. Here are some of the comments we've received from satisfied customers.
  • "We just purchased PRTG and think its a fantastic SNMP tool and better than MRTG (not to mention it can be installed by a monkey)", Matt Brown, Data Sanctuary Internet Backup
  • I really think that you guys have made a damn good program here, and I have never regretted buying it from you. For the past 3 years I have been using MRTG and ever since I started using it I have been searching for a program like this one. So 3 words for your team, DAMN GOOD JOB.", Jeppe Jessen,
  • "We have purchased the PRTG software which I must say was a very easy product for us to install and has put our own MRTG installations to shame! A very good product.", Simon Jones,
  • "I am an avid supporter of PRTG and I would like to congratulate you on this most excellent product which really works very well and is very easy to use. You have identified a gap in the market for easy "MRTG"-style traffic management, and I have to say without your product I would certainly be lost. I stumbled upon PRTG in Google whilst again looking for an easy to use "MRTG"-style traffic graphing and immediately bought it. I have also encouraged my partners to purchase the application. My business is a Internet Service Provider and we also have a Wireless Internet Service Provider Division. I use PRTG to monitor all my critical links." Eugene van der Merwe,