50 Free System and Network tools

50 Free System And Network Admin Tools   
What would an admin be without his handy tools!  
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Monday, February 24, 2014:  As a system/network administrator, you have the task cut out for yourself. It is your job to avoid any attacks on your system, protect it against attacks that do happen and maintain the system in general. To do this, you would be using some tools and the work is done best when you use the best possible tools. Here's a handy list!
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System and Network Analysis: As an administrator, it is your job to monitor the system and network that you are presiding over. Analysis is an important part of being in the know of what's happening and when a particular action is required. That is where system and network analysis tools come in handy.

1. NTFS Permissions Explorer

2. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

3. Whois

4. ShareEnum

5. PipeList

6. TcpView

7. The Dude

8. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

9. WireShark

10. Look@LAN

11. RogueScanner

12. Capsa Free Network Analyzer

13. SuperScan

14. Blast

15. UDPFlood

16. IPplan

17. NetStumbler

18. PingPlotter

19. SolarWinds Free Permissions Analyzer for AD

20. Angry IP Scanner

21. FreePortMonitor

22. WirelessNetView

23. BluetoothView

24. Vision

25. Attacker

26. Total Network Monitor

27. IIS Logfile Analyser

28. ntop

System testing and troubleshooting: What's the next logical step after analysis your network? Of course, testing whether your analysis was right or wrong. To put it more clearly, as a system or network admin, it is one of your jobs to perform tests on your domain. These are the tools that let you do that.

29. Pinkie

30. VMWare Player

31. Oracle VirtualBox

32. ADInsight

33. Process Monitor

34. SpiceWorks Network Troubleshooting

35. RAMMap

36. Autoruns

37. LogFusion

38. Microsoft Log Parser

39. AppCrashView

40. RootKitRevealer

System and network management: These are tools that allow you to manage the network or system. In a way, they comprise of various tools that help an IT professional to manage a bunch of tasks or certain specific tasks.

41. Bitcricket IP Subnet Calculator

42. EMCO Remote Installer Starter

43. ManagePC

44. Pandora FMS

45. SNARE Audit and EventLog Management

46. OCS Inventory

47. Zenoss Core – Enterprise IT Monitoring

48. Unipress Free Help Desk

49. SysAidIT Free Help Desk

50. Cyberx Password Generator Pro

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