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Wednesday, February 26, 2014:  Recently, we did a list on 50 Free System And Network Admin Tools that you would find handy. Here is an addition to that list, which takes the number to a good 101. Your job? Know the tools and put them to use!
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System and Network Management: These are tools that allow you to manage the network or system. In a way, they comprise of various tools that help an IT professional to manage a bunch of tasks or certain specific tasks.

51. KeePass Password Safe

52. TweakUAC

53. Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit

54. ExtraSpy Employee Monitor

55. NetWrix USB Blocker Freeware

56. FileZilla

57. Wake On Lan 2 .NET

58. Speccy

59. Active Directory Explorer (ADExplorer)

60. ADRestore

File and disk management: These are tools that allow you to perform various operations on your files. These include operations like de-duplication, copying, file comparison, merging, encryption, syncing, searching and renaming of files. These files can be invaluable additions to your arsenal as a system administrator.

61. Disk2vhd

62. Defraggler

63. PageDefrag

64. PsPad

65. MD5Summer

66. Universal Viewer

67. FreeCommander

68. Recuva

69. Steganos LockNote

70. Microsoft SyncToy

71. 7-Zip

72. PeaZip

73. Bacula

74. Areca Backup

75. DirSync Pro

76. Amanda Network Backup

77. WebSynchronizer

78. KGB Archiver

79. Iometer

80. Notepad++

Performance and availability monitoring: These tools allow you to monitor your system and network performance and monitor them for possible errors etc. They provide functions such as monitoring of memory utilisation, network utilisation, disk utilisation, CPU utilisation etc. In addition, you can also use the network monitoring tools in order to ensure that your network is performing at its optimal levels and is stable.

81. ManageEngine Free HyperV Performance Monitor

82. Nagios

83. ManageEngine Free Exchange Health Monitor

84. Kratos Exchange Monitor

85. ManageEngine Free Windows Health Monitor

86. ManageEngine Free Ping Tool

87. ManageEngine Free SQL Health Monitor Tool

88. ManageEngine Free VM Configuration Tool

89. Kratos Network Device Monitor

90. IxChariot QCheck

91. EasyNetMonitor

Remote management: As a system or network admin, you will be dealing with a lot of remote connections and clients. In order to manage this task efficiently, you need tools like the ones mentioned below. You can use them to remotely administer clients and servers, manage remote desktop sessions and various other functions.

92. Remote Desktop Manager

93. TightVNC

94. Microsoft RDCMan

95. Terminals

96. PsFile

All-in-one toolkits: Sometimes you do not want to use different tools for different purposes. You want tools that can manage multiple functionalities by themselves so that you don't have to switch over to a new one whenever your attention is needed in a new direction. These are all-in-one kits that fill up some of the gaps that exist in this respect.

97. Net Tools 5.0

98. ManageEngine Free Windows Tools 2

99. Axence NetTools Pro

100. Free IP Tools

101. PsTools