Fitur baru di Nagios XI 2014

SAINT PAUL, MN (PRWEB) – Nagios Enterprises has just released Nagios® XI™ 2014 – the most recent version of their award-winning monitoring solution. Nagios XI 2014 features substantial improvements over previous releases including an upgraded monitoring engine, advanced visualizations and reporting features, enhanced monitoring wizards, pre-packaged add-ons, and a brand new web interface.
Utilizing the enhanced Nagios Core 4 engine, Nagios XI 2014 provides an increase in monitoring performance that is more efficient and scalable than previous versions of XI. The addition of worker processes to the Core architecture allows Nagios XI to maximize server resources and easily manage the monitoring of enterprise networks and large infrastructures.
“We have made major improvements to the efficiency of Nagios XI with the release of the 2014 version,” said Scott Wilkerson - IT Manager at Nagios Enterprises. “That efficiency coupled with enterprise-class reporting, add-ons, extendability and extensibility, creates a monitoring solution that can handle any infrastructure.”
Nagios XI receives an updated web interface with the release of the latest 2014 version. The modern theme provides a unified appearance consistent with other Nagios IT management solutions such as Network AnalyzerIncident Manager, and Fusion. Advancements made to the graphing and visualization engine add to the updated look and improve Nagios XI's ability to quickly gather monitoring data for analysis or to be displayed in a network operations center.
The latest release of Nagios XI includes an array of features that focus on enterprise networks and large infrastructure management. Bulk-Host Import, Auto-Discovery, Auto-Decommissioning, and Mass Acknowledgment tools extend users' ability to manage large infrastructures and maintain a healthy network environment.
Additional features of Nagios XI 2014 include:
  • Extended Dashboard & Dashlet Capabilities
  • Additional Pre-Packaged Monitoring Wizards: SNMPv3, MongoDB, NCPA
  • Enhanced Reporting Features
  • Advanced Product Integration with Nagios Network Analyzer, Incident Manager, and Fusion
  • Customizable Configuration Wizards
  • Configuration Snapshot Archive
  • Advanced User Management Capabilities

In addition to many performance based improvements, Nagios XI 2014 also contains several security and configuration enhancements. Nagios XI now has the ability to be upgraded directly from the web interface to ensure that monitoring environments remain secure and up-to-date. The Configuration Snapshot Archive and Scheduled Back-Up tools allow configuration files to be managed, stored, and recovered to keep the monitoring system running smoothly.
“Nagios XI 2014 is our most advanced monitoring solution to date,” said Ethan Galstad - Founder and President of Nagios Enterprises. “We have taken the feedback and feature requests we received from our customers and developed a solution that is tailored to meet a wide variety of organizational needs. Our goal is to produce high quality IT management solutions and Nagios XI 2014 is a prime example of attaining success.”
As the industry leader, Nagios has once again raised the bar in IT infrastructure monitoring with the release of XI 2014. Nagios XI 2014 simplifies IT infrastructure monitoring, improves efficiency, and provides IT managers and administrators with increased visibility into their network environments and data centers.
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