Monitor Custom Query dgn SQLDBManager Plus

SQLDBManager Plus provides the ability to monitor any Custom SQL Query of an Microsoft SQL Database. With this, a DBA can monitor additional performance metrics, monitor critical database tables and even expose Business Metrics to Line of Business Managers. Some of the key performance metrics monitored using Custom Query ability are:
  • Execution Time
  • Query Output
  • Health
  • Configure Alarms
SQL Server Database Custom Query Monitoring
SQLDBManager Plus allows the DBA to enter specific query for which he/she would like to monitor the performance of the database or the server itself which is not natively supported by the SQL Server. For example, lets say the DBA has a query to monitor the CPU statistics of the SQL Server which is not natively supported by the SQL Server itself. Using Custom Query monitoring feature, the DBA can now execute this query and get relevant information for the metric. He/she can also configure the metric using a threshold value. If the CPU utilization exceeds over a certain threshold, he/she can assign an action which will automatically alleviate the issue.DBA can also include more Primary Keys to the custom query which is being executed.