Kirim SMS dari email Gmail dengan OZEKI

Salah satu fitur yang menarik, terkait dengan email to sms, adalah menggunakan email Google ke sms.

How to send Email to SMS from Google Mail (Gmail)

Here step by step instructions are given to configure Gmail to forward the incoming emails to Ozeki NG E-mail user. Also you can learn how to receive email notifications from your incoming SMS messages. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers you an outstanding technology.
This solution will improve your corporate communication to a great extent. By forwarding your emails as SMS messages you can be sure that all the recipients will get your messages. This technology has great potentials, it can help you to arrange your meetings in no time. Also you can keep in touch with your customers, business partners, staff, and even family and friends.

How this solution works

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has a great function which is called SMS Gateway forwarding. With the help of this function you will be able to send your email messages as SMS messages from your Gmail account to mobile phones. In order to use this option you need to create an Email user in the SMS Gateway. This Email user will periodically download incoming email messages from the Gmail POP3 account. When you receive an incoming email there is an incoming email message, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will also send an SMS notification about this incoming email. In this SMS message you will see the sender and the subject line of the email message.

Figure 1 - System architecture
It is also possible to configure your system to be able to receive SMS messages in your Gmail account. In this case the SMS message arrives at Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and it is forwarded to the Gmail account as an email message.

There are two ways how the SMS gateway forwards messages to the mobile network. Either a GSM modem is used for this purpose that is attached to the PC with a datacable or the software connects directly to the SMSC (SMS Center) of the mobile service provider via the Internet.

Gmail to SMS configuration

Log into your Gmail account. Firstly you need to click on Settings menu point. Secondly selectForwarding and POP menu item. Thirdly in POP Download you need to click on Enable POP for all mail. Fourthly click on Save Changes (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Google Mail - Settings/Forwarding and POP/Enable POP for all mail

Ozeki NG - POP3 settings in the E-mail user

Provide the following data: (Figure 3).
  • POP3 Server:
  • Port: 995
  • POP3 Username: your login name
  • POP3 Password: your password
  • SSL: enable
Check the SSL box.

Figure 3 - POP3 settings in the E-mail User of the Ozeki NG

SMS to Gmail Configuration

If an SMS message arrives in the Ozeki NG, it can be forwarded to your Gmail e-mail address.

Ozeki NG - SMTP settings in the E-mail user

Provide the following data (Figure 4):
  • Sender e-mail address:
  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Port: 25
    My SMTP server requires authentication.
  • SMTP Username: your login name
  • SMTP Password: your password
Use this e-mail address as the sender address:
My SMTP server requires SSL connection.

Figure 4 - SMTP server settings in the SMS to E-mail tab

In conclusion...

If you are looking for a stable and long-term solution that improves your corporate communication, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is your choice. With the help of this outstanding software you can build your own SMS system. An own SMS system can save time and money, and it makes your business more effective and prosperous.
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