WatchGuard Earns NSS Recommended Rating

WatchGuard Earns NSS Recommended Rating

NSS Security Value Map
Our XTM 1525 is a top-rated Next Generation Firewall, based on a real-world comparative analysis by NSS Labs. Designed for the enterprise, the XTM 1525 delivers the best combination of both security effectiveness and value for cost per protected Mbps, according to NSS.
NSS test results impact buying decisions in the marketplace, and the "NSS Recommended" label that WatchGuard carries is important validation. Be sure to share our impressive score, along with a copy of the NGFW Security Value Map with your customers and prospects.
NSS test results
The WatchGuard product blocked 96.7 percent of attacks against server applications, 98.7 percent of attacks against client applications, and 97.8 percent overall. It proved effective against all evasion techniques tested and passed all the stability and reliability tests, including all application control, identity awareness and firewall policy enforcement test.
Learn more about this great NSS win and the XTM 1525.

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