Bagaimana integrasi SendQuick dengan PRTG

sendQuick is an appliance based SMS gateway, sending SMS with GSM modem (SIM). It is easy to integrate with PRTG via email (SMTP) to SMS and SNMP Traps.
The information below illustrates the step-by-step configuration on PRTG. Detailed integration document is available from sendQuick or contact them for the document.

1.0 Sending SNMP trap to sendQuick

The sendQuick will receive the SNMP trap from PRTG when a sensor is down or not responding. You need to create a rule under SNMP Trap Message Filter in sendQuick. If the rule is matched, the sendQuick will trigger SMS (text) to the pre-configured mobile numbers.
The information below is a step-by-step configuration for SNMP Traps (from PRTG) to sendQuick.
Step 1: To add a new notification in PRTG, Go to Setup > Account Settings > Notifications
Step 2: Select ' Add new notification'
Step 3: Add notification using SNMP Traps. Insert sendQuick IP as the receiving Trap server
Step 4: Go to Devices and Click on the Sensor that you wish to configure.
Then Select on the Notifications Menu.
Step 5: Select the 'Add State Trigger' and select 'Send 'SNMP Trap to sendQuick Alert Plus' (sendQuick was configured in earlier steps as receiving device)
Once it is done, Save it and the configuration is completed.

2.0 Send Email to sendQuick for SMS (text) Messages

When using email (SMTP), PRTG will send an email to sendQuick when a sensor is down/unavailable and sendQuick will convert the email to SMS (text). You do not need to perform any configuration in sendQuick. The reason is sendQuick has a built-in format that readily convert any email to SMS (text) as long as the format is correct. Another reason is sendQuick has a built-in SMTP Server in the appliance
Step 1: In PRTG, in the Email Address field (In Send Email ), insert <mobilenumber@sendquickIPaddress> in the Email Address field.
Step 2: To configure SMTP Server, Go to Setup > System Administration > Notification Delivery
You can use our sendQuick as a SMTP (mail) server. The reason is sendQuick has a built-in SMTP (mail) server in the appliance. This is a special feature of sendQuick. Alternatively, the company's email server (eg Exchange) can be used. Configure the sendQuick IP in SMTP Relay Server in PRTG confoguration
Step 3: Add State Trigger to the relevant sensor, which will generate the email alerts for SMS message.
Once all the above is completed, the PRTG is ready to send SMS.
The configuration is simple and can be done within minutes.