Berita update seputar ManageEngine - Des 2014

ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand:
ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand gets a new look! With the revamped look come several improved features that not only meet the expectations for a modern IT service desk but also increases productivity five fold!
You can now
  • Nest your business rules to have fine-grain control over workflow automation
  • Quickly search for help desk configuration elements to set up hassle-free help desk configurations
  • Use simplified topic management for solutions to create and maintain a strong knowledge base
To know more, watch the new UI walkthrough webinar

ADSelfService Plus introduces real-time password sync agent to synchronize native password changes in Windows
ADSelfService Plus has introduced a real-time password sync agent in its latest release. The agent, which functions as a background service on a primary domain controller, makes it easier for administrators to ensure that password changes made natively using Windows interfaces are synchronized with associated IT systems and applications.

ADManager Plus now offers customizable, rule-based templates to streamline Active Directory group modification
ADManager Plus now allows you to modify Active Directory groups via customizable templates. You can also configure ‘modification rules’ to auto-fill specific attributes whenever an AD group is modified via these templates. Further, this release enhances its computer management ability with the new bulk computer accounts reset feature.

Exchange Reporter Plus now stars Office 365 Reports and Non-Delivery Report set in E-mail Traffic Tab.
Exchange Reporter Plus shall integrate Office 365 into the Reports interface that returns details on Mailbox Enabled Users, Mailbox Sizes, Inactive Mailboxes and Archive Mailbox Sizes. Additionally, the product shall now come with Non-Delivery Reports that lists undelivered e-mails within the organization along with the possible causes of non-delivery. Two dedicated reports shall provide details on the causes namely Email Address and Email Size. Besides, a comparison chart between delivered emails vis-à-vis undelivered emails shall be displayed in another report.

Desktop Central:
Desktop Central Mobile Device Management supports Samsung KNOX to enable IT admin to manage Samsung KNOX based devices, this includes advanced features such as automatic activation of KNOX container for employee devices and remotely manage accessibility privileges to the data inside container.

ServiceDesk Plus:

ManageEngine is all set to introduce server failover for the Enterprise edition of ServiceDesk Plus to ensure application server high availability. In the event of a server failure, customers can now stay connected with ServiceDesk Plus with dependable automatic migrations between the master and slave servers that help ensure business continuity. By deploying ServiceDesk Plus in high availability mode with additional hardware, customers can prevent downtime and increase the reliability of IT service desk operations.