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Pilih distro Linux yang mana ?

Choosing The Right Linux Distro! Thinking which Linux distro to choose? Here's a guide to choose between 10 niche Linux distros.Rate this news: (8 Votes) Tuesday, November 05, 2013:  We often get queries from our readers regarding which Linux to choose for a particular system or which Linux distro to start with. So here's a small guide, which can help you choose a suitable distro basis your needs.

1. Debian:

Who Should Choose: Those who need stability as it uses older software which is known to be stable.
Suitable for: Servers
Recommended system requirements: 1GHz processor, 512MB memory, 5GB hard-drive

2. Ubuntu

Who Should Choose: Those want the latest software and an interface with better graphics.
Suitable for: Average mainstream desktop/laptop user
Recommended system requirements: 800MB memory, 1GHz processor, and 5GB hard-drive

3. Kubuntu

Who Should Choose: Those want the latest software and an interface w…

Bahkan Obama gunakan FusionCharts..

We Dissect Twitter’s Visualization of President Obama’s #SOTU2014 TalkMaruthi GowdaJanuary 31, 2014Thoughts The President’s State of the Union address generates a lot of tweets and is a great candidate for visualization. That’s just what Twitter did this year in their #SOTU2014 visualization. In this post, we take a look at what the visua

Sistem Antrian Multimedia finosSQM

finosSQM, sistem Antrian multimedia atau dikenal juga sebagai Queuing System, merupakan produk kami semenjak tahun 2005.finosSQM System

FinosSQM : adalah system antrian yang digunakan untuk mengatur antrian Nasabah/ Customer yang akan mendapatkan pelayanan di suatu Instansi/Organisasi yang langsung berhubungan dengan Pelanggan atau Nasabah.

FinosSQM tidak hanya memiliki feature pengaturan antrian sebagaimana layaknya system antrian yang saat ini banyak dipasaran.

Kelebihan FinosSQM terletak pada kemampuan Reporting dan monitoring pelayanan yang sering disebut dengan Customer Flow Management.

Dengan adanya sistem ini Nasabah/Customer atau pelanggan anda lebih nyaman untuk mendapatkan pelayanan. Dan bagi perusahaan ini merupakan kesempatan untuk mendapatkan Cross Selling produk ke nasabah yang sedang menunggu untuk dilayani.

Cara Kerja Sistem

Sistem bekerja sebagai berikut.

Presentasi dapat dilihat di sini :

Silahkan kontak kami untuk kebutuhan Anda.
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Monitoring Jaringan Cisco dengan PRTG

Monitoring Cisco Devices with PRTG – Part 1/3 7 Dedicated Sensors That Will Improve Your Data As a network administrator, you know about the power and importance of Cisco devices. Whether you use Cisco routers, switches, access points, or VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions within your network-PRTG Network Monitor provides the exactly right sensor that will deliver the data you need to keep your network running smoothly. Bandwidth Monitoring on Cisco Devices: Read the Upcoming Articles for
More Information!
Being a member of the Cisco Developer Network, we not only have long-term experience with Cisco, but also in gathering important information from these devices and placing them at your disposal. Besides offering several sensors that you can use with Cisco systems (for example, NetFlow sensors), PRTG offers 6 dedicated sensors for Cisco application scenarios: 1. Cisco IP SLA Sensor IP SLA (IP Service Level Agreement) is part of the Cisco IOS Software. It uses active traffic-monitoring tec…

PRTG & CISCO - Kombinasi Maut Monitoring Jaringan Anda

PRTG & Cisco: Your Best Buddies in Network Monitoring Dear <customer>, Whether you use Cisco routers, switches, access points, or VoIP solutions in your network - you know about the power and importance of Cisco devices. They are part of your network's foundation and provide business-critical IP applications and services. PRTG Network Monitor helps you to gather important information from your Cisco devices and delivers the data you need to keep your network running smoothly by monitoring: the Quality of Service in your network,the connection quality of your Cisco router's ADSL connection,summary counts and rates by traffic class in relation to defined QoS policies,the traffic of an IPSec VPN connection on a Cisco ASA using SNMP,the VPN connections on a Cisco ASA using SNMP,the number of accounts connected to your VPN on a Cisco ASA,the system health (CPU load, temperatures) of your device,and the system and chassis health status of a Cisco UCS. Sensor Overview on a …

Network audit tool dengan PRTG

Network audit dengan PRTG..

Network Audit ToolsMonitor and Optimize Your Network Using Paessler's Network Monitor Tools PRTG Network Monitor is the powerful network monitoring solution by Paessler. The software covers all aspects of network monitoring: availability monitoring, traffic and usage monitoring, SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, packet sniffing, and many more, combined with concise reporting and analysis features - one clear and simple solution for your entire network. From a basic PING test to web performance monitoring and database monitoring, bandwidth check, VMware monitoring and more, our software caters for all your monitoring needs, putting more than 190 different sensor types at your disposal: you can also create your own custom sensors using different scripting and programming languages. The network audit tools by Paessler are often referred to asMRTG for Windows. However, PRTG offers much more than the SNMP tool. PRTG gives you a comprehensive view of your network. Bandwidth Mo…

MRTG For Windows = PRTG

Masih ingat MRTG ? Pernah dengar MRTG For Windows ? Ya itu PRTG

MRTG For Windows What is MRTG?MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a tool that monitors traffic on a network connections mainly using SNMP. Although useful, MRTG has its limitations, especially the complex installation on Linux systems. Many of its users have now discovered PRTG Network Monitor an innovative and user-friendly network and bandwidth monitoring tool. PRTG - MRTG For WindowsOften described as MRTG for Windows, PRTG makes bandwidth monitoring easy. The products work with SNMP enabled devices, such as managed switches, routers and firewalls. Also WMI enabled Windows systems can be monitored as well as many other protocols. PRTG is remarkably easy to install on Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008. Monitoring is both simple and intuitive, and can be done via a web based front end. Data retrieval and configuration is easy, and the fully skinnable web interface makes it easy to customize reports to suit your business. PRTG&#…