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Pengguna Tableau, harap segera update versi terbaru agar aman dari Heartbleed

Dear Tableau Customer,
In response to the Heartbleed security vulnerability, we have just released new versions of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. Heartbleed is a critical security vulnerability in the component we use to manage secure internet connections. If interested, you can learn more about the Heartbleed vulnerability on our blog post and our knowledge base article. Tableau Desktop The versions of Tableau Desktop with this security vulnerability are: 8.1.0 thru 8.1.5. All desktop varieties-- Personal, Professional, Public Desktop, and Reader— are vulnerable. Prior versions of Tableau Desktop are not vulnerable. To find out what version you have, please go to the Help menu in Tableau Desktop and choose “About Tableau.” If you are using one of the vulnerable versions, we strongly encourage you upgrade your Tableau Desktop or related desktop varieties immediately to Tableau 8.1.6. You can download the release from either the primary customer download center or the alternate downloa…

Pengguna ManageEngine aman dari Heartbleed Bug

Take Heart, ManageEngine Products Are Not Vulnerable to The Heartbleed BugApr 12POSTED BY vbala | ManageEngineExcept the most recent version of Desktop Central (build 90000), no other ManageEngine product is vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. By now, you’ve probably been swamped by numerous advisories from various vendors on the ‘Heartbleed bug,’ and now, here comes one from ManageEngine. However, you can take heart: all but one of our ​products are immune to the Heartbleed bug. Except the most recent version of Desktop Central build 90000, no other ManageEngine product is vulnerable. The ​Heartbleed bug, the flaw in OpenSSL’s TLS implementation, is perhaps the biggest vulnerability in Internet history and has​ sent panic waves throughout IT and consumer communities alike. Naturally, you should be concerned,  and we want to reassure you. To that end, here are the details. ManageEngine products are not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug because:  ManageEngine products do not use OpenSSL …

Kami gunakan PDCA utk maintenance services kami.

"Preventive maintenance" helps keep your machine in optimal conditions... To ensure the quality of products, it is essential that you always keep your machine in a good state. And, to expect a stable performance from your machine, periodic servicing, inspection, and maintenance are indispensable. We totally backs up our customers in facility operations by offering a unique "menu of preventive maintenance services." "Preventive maintenance" ensures no bad effect on your production plan In a general machine maintenance or management, you perform replacement or repair of failed parts only "after" a machine comes to a sudden stop or fails and you cannot restart production until inspection and repair of the machine is completed, which has no little effect on your production plan. On the other hand, our "preventive maintenance" system prevents sudden machine stoppage by means of periodic inspection and incorporates an inspection schedule into…

Apakah ini kondisi ruang server Anda sekarang ?

Apakah ini kondisi ruang server Anda?

Kontak kami segera, kami lakukan perapihan dan pelabelan cabling dan ruang server Anda..

Monitoring F5 dengan PRTG

Monitoring Your Network with PRTG - Custom Sensors Part 1
In my first article in this series, I talked about the PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler and how we decided to use it for our DevCentral migration from our IT datacenter into a cloud provider.  In this article, I’m going to talk about the core of PRTG’s monitoring: it’s sensors. What is a Sensor?As the PRTG folks state: A sensor is the “heart” of the PRTG installation.  In it’s essence, a sensor is the term PRTG uses for a monitor.  When you think of how you would monitor a device or service, that is a sensor.  The list of available sensor types is extensive covering everything from simple ping and port checks to HTTP, Web Service, SNMP, Windows/WMI, Linux/Unix/OS X, Virtual Server, Mail Servers, SQL, File, VoIP, QoS, and Hardware.   A full list can be found here: Available Sensor Types. The sensor type I find most interesting is the “Custom Sensor” type.   If, for some reason, there is something you need to monitor that is no…