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Mobile security management dan BYOD

IT Best Practices Alert By Linda Musthaler, Network World
January 31, 2014 09:44 AM ET
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Network World - Many IT professionals agree that BYOD promotes end user productivity and satisfaction. If it weren’t for a little thing called “security,” BYOD would probably be much more widely embraced than it is. In an April 2013 survey of the Information Security Community of LinkedIn, only about 20% of the 1,600 respondents say that privately owned devices are widely in use and supported by a BYOD policy at their organizations. On the other hand, Microsoft says that 67% of people use their personal devices at work, regardless of the company’s official policy on BYOD. That’s a pretty big gap between officially sanctioned and reality — and that gap puts corporate data and applications at risk.
As reported in the Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report, criminals are exploiting the mobility aspect of BYOD by using wireless channels to eavesdrop and gain access to data being exchanged through th…

Kini saat yang tepat menjadi ahli Cyberscurity

Network World - This is a great time to consider a new career as a cybersecurity professional. According to CIO magazine, experts in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after professionals in the tech sector, with demand for workers in that field outpacing other IT jobs by a wide margin. According to a recent report from Burning Glass Technologies, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has grown more than 3.5 times faster than the demand for other IT jobs over the past five years and more than 12 times faster than the demand for all other non-IT jobs. Current staffing shortages are estimated between 20,000 and 40,000 and are expected to continue for years to come.
In a recent Network World blog post, John Oltsik of The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) confirms the severe shortage of skilled people in this field. ESG just completed a survey on 2014 IT spending intentions, and results show that 42% of responding organizations intend to increase headcount in information security. T…

Apakah Anda sudah menanyakan pertanyaan kritikal ttg proyek Anda?

Have You Asked These Critical Questions About Your Project?April 27, 2014 | Author: PM Hut | Filed under: Project Management Best Practices
Have You Asked These Critical Questions About Your Project?
By Michelle Symonds
There are occasions when we all ask questions about the projects we are involved with. Sometimes they are as poignant as ‘what sort of a project manager do I want to be?’. Other times they can be as simple as ‘where did I put my diary?’. On unfortunate occasions the musing of ‘why did I get myself into this?’ might even float through our heads. However, none of these are any of the questions we really should be asking about our projects, but the following ones are.
What is the objective?
The first and most critical question is the one we should all be able to answer before we embark on any project. Without knowing where we are trying to get to, how on earth can we suitably plan how to get there?Where am I?
Yes, I’m sorry, the weekend is over and you’re back at work. But that…

Watchguard mengintegrasikan management Wireless Access Point

Secure your WLAN from today's sophisticated, blended threats with WatchGuard's AP100, AP102 and AP200 wireless access points. By extending best-in-class UTM security – including application control, intrusion prevention, URL and web content filtering, virus and spam blocking and more – from any XTM or Firebox T10 appliance* to the WLAN, business can harness the power of mobile devices without putting network assets at risk. What's more, security policies can be applied to wired and WLAN resources simultaneously, which is critical to enforcing security standards across an entire network. And unified device management tools offer a "one-stop" configuration and monitoring of AP100, AP102, AP200 devices and your WatchGuard firewall – reducing setup time and maintenance cost

Strong security
Features like MAC filtering, client reporting, Captive Portal technology, 802.1X authentication, and PCI compliant scan and reporting, ensure a strong WLAN security stance. Advanced w…

ManageEngine Automates Office 365 Provisioning in ADManager Plus

ManageEngine Automates Office 365 Provisioning in ADManager PlusNew Feature To Simultaneously Create Active Directory, Office 365 User Accounts Consistently provisions user identitiesImmediately synchronizes corporate credentialsDownload AdManager Plus at, Calif. - April 15, 2014 -ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced automated user provisioning of Microsoft Office 365 user accounts in ADManager Plus, its Active Directory management and reporting software. Available immediately, the new feature automatically provisions an Office 365 user account when an IT administrator creates a user's AD account, ensuring the AD and Office 365 user identities are consistently provisioned. In the absence of automated user provisioning, IT admins working in directory synchronization-enabled environments must wait to create an Office 365 account for a newly-created AD account. Meanwhile, the absence of directory synchronization requires admi…

Nagios XI 2014, banyak peningkatan

Nagios® XI™ 2014 provides several substantial upgrades over previous versions including the following: 

Performance: Nagios XI 2014 uses the powerful Nagios Core 4 monitoring engine to provide users with an increase in performance over previous versions of XI. Nagios XI 2014 provides users with greater scalability while utilizing server resources efficiently to maximize overall monitoring performance.
Enhanced Visualizations & Graphing Engine: A new and improved graphing engine allows for extensive analysis of monitoring metrics including custom time frames, user menu memory, and direct linking to monitored devices. Stacked Graphs allow for a visual representation of several devices so users can easily pinpoint a problem area or device.
Updated Web Interface: Nagios XI 2014 now has a brand new, updated theme. The web-interface is modern and easy to navigate allowing users to quickly gather and analyze monitoring data from their network. Quick-search functionality and a Birdseye dashb…