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DBVisit - solusi alternatif replikasi Oracle DB Standard

Cara cost effective untuk Anda yang memiliki Oracle DB Standard dan ingin menjalankan replikasi , bisa gunakan DBVisit.
Anda tidak harus migrasi ke Oracle DB Enterprise untuk mendapatkan Data Guard. Investasi akan lebih murah, dengan mempertahankan Oracle DB Standard dan membeli DBVisit. Perhitungan licensenya pun mudah.
Tinggal memilih, DBVisit Standby atau DBVisit Replicate.

Dbvisit Product Comparison: Standby or Replicate?
 Dbvisit Standby Oracle Disaster Recovery solutionPerforms physical database duplication - the secondary is exactly the same as the primary, both in terms of data and structureEnables DR functions such as Graceful Switchover and Failover, along with creation of the standby databaseAllows use of standby database in Read-Only mode (when recovery mode is turned off)
 Dbvisit Replicate Replicates selected Oracle database environments for the purposes of Data Migration, Reporting, ETL extract solutionPerforms logical database replication - the target can be a subset of data,…

Proses Password Access Control dalam Password Manager Pro

Salah satu hal yang harus dikontrol dalam manajemen password perusahaan adalah permintaan password dari user. Password Manager Pro membantu proses ini.

Password Access Control Workflow After successful authentication into Password Manager Pro, users get access to the passwords that are owned by them or shared to them. While storing very sensitive passwords, quite often administrators wish to have an extra level of security. In some other cases, administrators wish to give temporary access to passwords for certain users for a specified period of time. There are also requirements to give users exclusive privilege to passwords. That means, only one user should be allowed to use a particular password at any point of time. When more than one user is required to work on the same resource, problems of coordination arise. Access control on concurrent usage would help resolve such issues. To achieve all the above requirements, PMP provides the Password Access Control Workflow. How does passwor…

Big Data dalam industri Asuransi

Big Data in Insurance Sector 29 Apr 2014, Harnath Babu - CIO, Aviva Life India, DATAQUEST Humans and computers have collectively been generating data for last many decades and the data has become an integrated part of every organization-be it small or big. As the importance and value of data increases for an organization so does the burgeoning of silos within the enterprise.
Big data is a combination of transactional data and unstructured data. While technologies have been maturing to handle the volumes of transactional data, it is the unstructured data which is being generated from various sources of interactions adding complexity to the overall picture. Till now technologies have helped mastering the art of managing volumes of transaction data but it is the non-transactional data that is adding heterogeneity and momentum attributes to the ever-growing data pool and pose significant deciphering and analysis challenges to the enterprises.
With the ubiquity of modern a…

Audit keamanan jaringan dan sistem Anda dgn SecurityManager Plus.

Audit Reports Reports are essential to provide insights on historical data, trends and to facilitate statistical analysis of network behavior. They are useful when security administrators have to submit periodic information on the security posture of the network to IT managers and auditors to make well-informed security decisions. Reports also ensure that the company's IT and regulatory policies are complied with. Security Manager Plus comes with a set of comprehensive, canned reports to aid security administrators. There are also provisions to define custom reports based on select criteria. Reports can also be generated on vulnerability scan completion and sent to desired e-mail IDs. They can be exported to PDF or CSV format and can be imported by other reporting tools like Crystal Reports etc. Security Consultants and Service Providers have the facility to rebrand reports from Security Manager Plus by changing the company logo and disclaimer messages. Some of the reports in Sec…

Mengatur Efisiensi di Data Center

Managing Data Efficiency in Data Centers 24 Jan 2014, Sanjay Motwani - Sales Director, India & SEA, Raritan, DATAQUEST Data center management is becoming more difficult, traditional tools and methods are just not enough for organizations to keep up with current job complexity and demands. Organizations have many challenges in ensuring that the company is getting all the requirement support in IT, and networking. Some of these challenges are opposites that require organization to improve services on one hand while reducing costs on the other. This is a task that on the surface would seem to be impossible to achieve, especially in the increasingly demanding environment of a data center. At a minimum just finding a reasonable balance between the following objectives is difficult enough.
Control expensesImprove productivitySupport new applicationsProvide reliable serviceProject future needs
The data center operation manager requires an effecti…

Prediksi Data Center Storage untuk 2014

Meskipun sudah hampir setengah tahun, sebagian masih valid dan on-track.
Data Center Storage Predictions for 2014 04 Apr 2014, KB Ng - Product Marketing Director, Asia Pacific, Cloud Storage & Enterprise Products, HGST, DATAQUEST To enable and enhance the advancements in mobility, cloud computing, social media, and data analytics, the innovations behind the storing of information in enterprise and cloud data centers have moved at an accelerated pace over the last decade. As more and more businesses seek to realize the benefits of the ‘3rd Platform' across more and more applications and data sets, 2014 promises a continuation of the fast and exciting progress for data center storage products, technologies, and architectures.
Beyond the hype of ‘big data' the business benefits of data analytics for virtually every industry and business model have been studied and published. With data creation growing at a sustained annual rate of more than 40%, companies are challenged to re…

Root Cause Analysis di Opmanager

Root Cause Analysis Get to the core of your issue instantly While troubleshooting networks, it is often the process of getting to this root cause that consumes maximum time frame. More often than not, 80% of the troubleshooting time is spent in solving 20% of the problem which revolves around the root cause. RCA or root cause analysis does exactly that by pointing out at why something occured. RCA in OpManager is a single graph view of the events of all the plugins of OpManager. When this happens, the impact that is captured on one of the plugins takes the IT team to the root cause. This is, in other words, a single-graph correlation of the events that happen in your network. In the OpManager context, RCA is a single graph view of the events of all the plugins of OpManager. When a particular event occurs, the impact it has on the other plugins and their behavior can be easily identified with the help of this graph. The relative dependency between the different plugins across OpManage…