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Apakah NRDS (Nagios Remote Data Sender) ?

Nagios Remote Data Sender (NRDS)
Submit reviewRecommendPrintClaim Rating 0 votes Favoured: 0 Current Version 0.1 Compatible With Nagios XI Owner swilkerson Download URL Hits 58911 NRDS is a component installed on a Nagios XI server that allows the administrator to create and manage configurations and plugins to be deployed with a passive agent that can be installed on a variety of operating systems. The passive agents downloads the current configuration and the required plugin from the Nagios XI server and run the checks and posting the results to the XI server. Reviews (0)

Memonitor Windows Machine melalui NRDS di NAGIOS XI

How to Passively Monitor Windows Machines with NRDS & Nagios XI By Ludmil Miltchev on July 31, 2014 1 In my previous article, I demonstrated how easy it is to passively monitor Linux machines withNagios Remote Data Sender (NRDS) and Nagios XI. In today’s article, I will cover passive monitoring of Windows machines via NRDS. Monitoring Windows machines via NRDS is no different than monitoring Linux boxes. You need to follow the same three steps: Adding ConfigurationClient InstallationConfiguring the host and its services Step 1 – Adding Configuration Go to Admin -> Monitoring Config -> NRDS Config Manager, click on Create Config, select Windows (32- or 64-bit) from the Operating System drop-down menu, and click on the Next button. You will see the Edit NRDS Config page. Most of the config options will already be populated for you with the default options. All you will need to do is type a config name, select a token from the drop-down menu, and click on the Apply button. For th…

Apakah Internet of Things ?

What is the Internet of Things? July 28, 20143,178232Likers22Comments

Mari membangun War Room (2)

Berikutnya selain system IT (dashboard), maka kita harus memperhatikan faktor ruangan dan furniture.

Kemudahan akses informasi dan melihat dashboard dapat dilihat di layar-layar yang ditempatkan di sekitar meja dan furniture yang ada.

Ini war room Presiden Obama:

Perhatikan komponennya:
1. Meja bundar / persegi panjang
2. Bangku Ergonomis (nyaman adalah keharusan)
3. Layar-layar LED / LCD yang memuat informasi penting dari Dashboard ada di sekitar ruangan

Mari membangun War Room (1)

A geo-marketing performance management process fostering collaboration Like many fast growing and complex businesses, MNO’s across emerging markets suffer from 2 key management challenges: Little performance visibility at a granular level: performance is managed at a national or regional level around a small number of KPIs, but there is little visibility and strategy differentiation at the local levelInsufficient communication and collaboration across departments:companies are managed in silos with each functional department working individually, irrespective of the priorities of other departments or often, the business as a whole.  This situation generates large inefficiencies and poor returns on investment (e.g. network teams open new sites without sales and distribution’s knowledge. Thus, despite great network coverage, there are few points of sales to capture the potential market)Our War Room solutionTo rectify this situation we have developed a War Room geo-marketing solution tha…

Review ServiceDesk Plus oleh ITSMDaily

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus review Posted in ReviewService desk By Erik Blum On November 3, 2013
Before I start with review I have to disclose that I really like Manageengine as a company and it’s portfolio of product. We use many of their products in our company and I have to say that I am satisfied with the quality. Now, let’s start. It all started several years ago when current helpdesk solution has over grown IT needs. Yes it was free and it was time for us to invest some money in solution that would make us more productive. We (IT Team) have looked on the internet for right solution, during evaluation we faced the same problems with most of the companies during evaluation. Either Screenshots were not available, pricing was not available or there were no description at all, only summary that product by name X exist and has function Y. Then we stumbled on ManageEngine, we were surprised that they provided all information, pricing, demo, screenshots… all. By looking at screensh…