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Nagios XI 2014r1.4 telah di-Released

Nagios XI 2014r1.4 Released

The development team at Nagios has been hard at work and has today released Nagios XI 2014r1.4. The latest release of the award winning solution comes with many feature enhancements, bug fixes, and increased security. 
With the most recent stable release of Nagios Core (4.0.8) under the hood, Nagios XI 2014r1.4 receives massive performance increases resulting in significantly lower and smoother CPU usage, especially in large environments. (see image) These improvements make Nagios XI ideal for monitoring any size infrastructure. This release also includes a complete overhaul of the Core Config Manager (CCM) - allowing automatic logins for admins, if desired. Additional CCM upgrades include aesthetic enhancements, updated logging functionality, and improved sorting capabilities.
Notable updates in this release include: Upgrade to Nagios Core 4.0.8 monitoring engineUpgrade to Nagios Core Config Manager 2.2.0Added backup creation timeout specificationsR…

Hasil Review ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

Review: ManageEngine for Integrations Published by Ros Satar on Nov 29th, 2013 // No Comment

Home » Reviews » Review: ManageEngine for Integrations This independent review is part of our Integrations 2013 Group Test. Integrations 2013 Group Test Overview and termsAlso participating – Absolute SoftwareBDNABomgarCherwellEasyVistaLANDeskManageEngine,Matrix42NexthinkServiceNowExecutive SummaryElevator PitchAn Mid-Market ITSM solution with additional features such as Project Management and web services and a range of supporting tools available from the same stable of products.StrengthsOffers a range of products within their suite to manage across an organisationNice touch in providing project capability within the ServiceDesk Plus Change functionWeaknessesMisses automation in some key areas (CMDB) and not able to view a graphical representation of the process workflowSome system integrations are only possible by purchasing other ManageEngine modules rather than using what an …

Bagaimana kerja 2X RAS dibandingkan Thin Client

How 2X RAS Works Compared To Thin ClientsBy Giorgio Bonuccelli, Marketing Director Google+ profile
Posted on : August 12, 2014 - 10:00am, Last modified on : August 12, 2014 Client Desktop Replacement: Overview As the cost of IT grows and companies evolve, the most important question for many organizations is: ‘How can we make our IT systems more cost-effective?’ A traditional, networked Windows environment is difficult to maintain, large PC installations are difficult to upgrade, and PCs have a limited lifespan. Businesses need a solution that extends the life of its hardware, and makes it easier to upgrade and change systems. Client Desktop Replacement: Reduce Growing IT Costs Traditionally, the solution of choice has been to move from fat to thin clients, thereby gaining a more secure and cost-effective IT environment at the cost of loosing some flexibility. Another approach that has become more appealing lately, is the client desktop replacement: the IT administrator can transfor…

Gunakan WiFi Monitor Plus

ManageEngine Unveils New IT Monitoring App for Android Devices ManageEngine's WiFi Monitor Plus lets IT admins monitor, analyze and survey WiFi signals from their Android devices. Jul 25, 2014 | MSPmentor EMAILINSHARE

ManageEngine otomatisasi Google Apps dengan ActiveDirectory

ManageEngine Automates Google Apps Provisioning for AD Software ManageEngine unveils automated Google Apps provisioning and other new features for ADManager Plus. Aug 13, 2014 | MSPmentor EMAILINSHARE <