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Bagaimana e-commerce mempengaruhi pola beli offline ?

How Will E-Commerce Evolve to Reflect Real-World Purchasing Behavior?By Kristin LowStrategiesAug 26, 2014Tweet LinkedIn Facebook Google plus Send to Kindle Send to Creating innovative purchasing systems to better reflect people's online behaviors can have greater influence than forcing users into a single "buy" option. We recently had the privilege of presenting at the ClickZ Live conference in Hong Kong, where we spoke on the topic of smart analytics and how organizations can use design to make better sense and use of data. One of our key points was around conversion rates: As marketers, we spend much of our lives trying to improve these. And often, the best we can ever hope for is an incremental improvement on an average. For all of 2013, theaverage conversion rate for mobile visitors to e-commerce sites across all

Remote BTS Site Access Control

The backbone of AKCP’s BTS Site Access Control monitoring system is the AKCess Pro Server. Installed at a central location, the AKCess Pro Server enables administration and control over your entire BTS Site Access Control infrastructure. No Internet Connection? No Problem. AKCP understand the challenges related to distributed network installations. AKCP designs and manufactures complete, off-grid system solutions that allow you to monitor remote sites, even over a cellular network. AKCP’s on-board SIM-Modem ensures that your system is able to send and receive :  New User / Card DataCabinet or Door Permissions,Remote Unlock Actions,Remote Access Logs,Sensor Data Logging,Alerts and Notifications,Remote Site CCTV Video Capture and more… Our intelligent remote site hardware allows you to schedule, not only when this information is sent but what information is transferred to the central office. This helps to lower cellular network costs by decreasing bandwidth requirements and increases the…

Network engineer tidak perlu kuatir soal SDN

SDN Won't Annihilate the Networking Workforce Network engineers have nothing to fear from SDN, argues guest contributor Michael Bushong. By Michael Bushong | Posted Jul 2, 2013 Page of   |  Back to Page 1 Editor's Note: Occasionally, Enterprise Networking Planet is proud to run guest posts from authors in the field. Today, Michael Bushong of Plexxi brings his experience in SDN to bear against the idea that SDN will destroy networking jobs. Related Articles Automating Network Operations for Greater AgilityWill SDN Annihilate the Networking Workforce?Cisco Insieme Launches New Application Centric SDN VisionPLUMgrid Plum

Apa impact SDN bagi network security ?

Security pros speak out on SDN uses for network security RELATED Big data security analytics 'plumbing' Open Networking: The Whale that swallowed SDN Is the World Ready for the Intersection of Software Defined Networking (SDN)... Large organizations see SDN and network security working together for malware blocking/detection, network auditing, and improving network management.NetworkWorld|Aug 25, 2014 7:13 AM SDNSoftware defined networking At this week’s VMworld shindig in San Francisco, many networking and security vendors will crow about software-defined security and software use cases for SDN. Some of this rhetoric will be nothing more than industry hype, while other banter may prove to be extremely useful in the near future.  FEATURED RESOURCE PRESENTED BY RIVERBED TECHNOLOGY 10 Common Problems APM Helps You Solve

Melindung pekerjaan Network Admin di era SDN

VMworld 2014: Protecting Network Admin Jobs in the Age of SDN Cloud, network virtualization, and SDN are changing the enterprise's expectations of network admins. Netadmins must change, too. By Jude Chao | Posted Aug 25, 2014 Page of   |  Back to Page 1 Whether you think SDN is hype or not, it's clear that virtualization and cloud computing are set to have a dramatic impact on enterprise networks—and, by extension, the job of the enterprise network administrator.SDN won't annihilate the networking workforce altogether, but in the brave new world of cloud, network virtualization, and software defined networking, a network admin who doesn't change with the times may soon find himself out of a job. Related Articles SDN: What Do CIOs Need to Know?Juniper Takes on SDN and NFVAutomation

HFR memilih WebNMS untuk solusi Carrier Ethernet

HFR Chooses WebNMS to Deliver Carrier Ethernet Mobile Network Solutions with End-to-End Management25th August 2014 16:00 IST
Calif., Pleasanton, United States (WebNMS) 
HFR, Korea’s representative vendor of wired and wireless network equipment, and WebNMS, a division of Zoho Corp. and a leading global provider of multi-vendor, network orchestration solutions, announce their collaboration in an end-to-end, MEF CE 2.0 certified solution for mobile backhaul. The HFR HA-800 series of networking systems has integrated the WebNMS Carrier Ethernet Management Solution to provide comprehensive management of high performance services from client to core.

The HFR HA-800 series combines the MEF CE 2.0 certified HA-805 10GbE Network Interface Devices (NIDs) as well as the HA-821 and HA-822 Carrier Ethernet aggregation switches to build complete mobile backhaul networks that are cost effective, simple to manage and ready for evolving high performance business and 4G services. The entire series levera…