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Pertimbangkan ekspansi data center Anda.

Capacity planning needs to provide answers to two questions: What are you going to need to buy in the coming year? And when are you going to need to buy it? To answer those questions, you need to know the following information: Current usage: Which components can influence service capacity? How much of each do you use at the momentNormal growth: What is the expected growth rate of the service, without the influence of any specific business or marketing events? Sometimes this is called organic growth.Planned growth: Which business or marketing events are planned, when will they occur, and what is the anticipated growth due to each of these events?Headroom: Which kind of short-term usage spikes does your service encounter? Are there any particular events in the coming year, such as the Olympics or an election, that are expected to cause a usage spike? How much spare capacity do you need to handle these spikes gracefully? Headroom is usually specified as a percentage of current capacity.…


VMWORLD - CRACKING OPEN THE DATA CENTER Peter Judge went free range and hatched this report. 12 November 2014 by Peter Judge - DCD Share on linkedinShare on facebook Share on twitterShare on emailShare on print Gelsinger: "That boiled egg is like a data center" VMware has its annual get-together in August in San Francisco, but a few weeks later the stories get extended and embellished at the European edition of VMworld in Barcelona. This year was no exception with a quiverful of slogans, and a barrage of announcements, all of which added up to an assertion that VMware would like to take charge of pretty much everything from the hardware in your data centers upwards. The big slogan “Brave New World of IT” brought an unintentional dystopian reference to Aldous Huxley’s book, but the dark side was hard to find in an event which promised  “No Limits”. Cloud provider  Top European news was a data center in Germany for the vCloud Air hybrid cloud offering. It was significant because …

WebNMS Automates End-to-End, Multi-Vendor Network Services with Newly Released Symphony Orchestration Platform

WebNMS Automates End-to-End, Multi-Vendor Network Services with Newly Released Symphony Orchestration PlatformThe Industry’s First Orchestration Platform That Combines Workflow Automation with Unified Network Management and Service Assurance for Carrier Ethernet, MPLS, SDN and NFV Networks November 12, 2014 09:15 AM Eastern Standard Time PLEASANTON, Calif.--()--WebNMS, a leading provider of network management and IoT solutions, today announced the launch of the Symphony Orchestration Platform, a unified software suite for automation of service provider network operations. Symphony enables carriers and other service providers to efficiently transform existing static service offerings into dynamic services and introduce new SDN and NFV-based services as they mature. “With Symphony, we are building on our scalable and reliable WebNMS Framework — allowing our customers to efficiently describe and automate their unique workflows with simple and familiar tools and APIs.” To meet…

Cloud Storage Appliance, membuat backup & recovery jadi mudah

Cloud storage appliances: Backup and recovery made simpleSummary: Why should you integrate cloud backup appliances into your IT environment? Because you've made this decision before. By  for Tech Broiler | February 20, 2014 -- 04:25 GMT (12:25 SGT) Cloud. Cloud. Yay cloud! If you're not an IT decision maker, I did not write this article for you. Go away. Your mother is calling you and wants you to clean up your room in the basement.