ADManager Plus mendukung Office365 & ExchangeReporter Plus mendukung Exchange Online

ManageEngine has added Office 365 bulk licence support to ADManager Plus, and Exchange Online reporting to ExchangeReporter Plus.
IT management software provider ManageEngine has enhanced its Active Directory management program ADManager Plus by adding an Office 365 bulk licence manager.
The company points out that the Office 365 management portal cannot manage more than 20 user licenses at a time, nor import users from a CSV file and bulk-edit their licenses.
As if that wasn't enough, provide the capabilities necessary for optimising Office 365 resource management in a Windows Azure Active Directory environment.
Instead, it leaves administrators to use PowerShell for such tasks.
So the new Office 365 bulk license manager in ADManager Plus simplifies Office 365 administration by allowing multiple licences to be modified at one time, including the ability to import a user list from a CSV file.
It also makes it easy to enable or disable services according to user requirements, and allows the delegation Office 365 license management and reporting to help desk technicians within their area of responsibility.
ExchangeReporter Plus's new Office 365 reporting module provides information that is not available from the Office 365 management portal without resorting to PowerShell scripting. These include reports on inactive mailboxes or the top 10 mailboxes by size.
Other reports include a list of all Office 365 users who have been assigned Exchange online licenses and mailboxes, the size of individual mailboxes and the number of messages stored in them, and inactive mailboxes.
“After we added Office 365 provisioning and reporting capabilities to ADManager Plus, our customers started asking for a bulk license management utility that would offer some flexibility in managing Office 365 licenses,” said ManageEngine director of product management Manikandan Thangaraj.
"So we not only added that utility in ADManager Plus, we also upgraded ExchangeReporter Plus to report on Office 365 mailboxes. This way, administrators need not struggle with PowerShell to get mailbox statistics that ease license management.”
ADManager Plus prices start at US$495, and ExchangeReporter Plus starts at US$295.
Fully functional, 30-day free trial versions of both products are available.