Fitur Nagios Reactor - otomatisasi dalam Nagios XI

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    Nagios Reactor Dashboard
  • Advanced Automation Management: A powerful automation management system allows users to quickly and easily setup, edit, and organize automation rules and Event Chains to maintain an efficient and effective network infrastructure, saving organizations time and money.

  • Customized Chain Logic: Step-by-step logic blocks provide users with simple, intuitive Event Chain creation. Easy to use If-Then-Else logic statements allow users to customize Event Chains to meet their exact specifications. Quickly develop complex Event Chains to simplify existing automation scripts and allow both technical and non-technical users to manage the network.

  • Nagios Reactor Event Chain Workflow
  • Limitless Adaptability: Reactor allows users to create automated Event Chains for nearly anything. Write new conditions, actions, and triggers to integrate with in-house and third-party applications to fully adapt Reactor to your environment. With dozens of pre-configured triggers, conditions, and actions, Reactor provides users with plenty of out-of-the-box capabilities that cover nearly any implementation.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Nagios Reactor provides system administrators and users with the information necessary to determine the effectiveness of their network automation processes and prevent prolonged recurring errors. Reactor's reports provide the detailed results of Event Chains run, failed, and Event Chain statistics.

  • Advanced User Management: Reactor comes equipped with user management capabilities identical to other commercial Nagios IT Management solutions. Reactor increases tech team efficiency by allowing the work to be spread over multiple teams and users. Admins also have full control of user permissions and settings with a multi-tier user hierarchy that ensures a secure Reactor system.

  • Nagios Manage Plugins
  • Organized Workflow: Nagios Reactor can be leveraged by organizations to simplify and organize existing company workflow. Easily manage complex Event Chains automation with tags and advanced sorting features. Spend liess time sifting through Event Chains and spend more time automating your network.

  • Import / Export Event Chains: Reactor allows users to import and export their Event Chains. This functionality allows for a level of community contribution comparable to Nagios Core. Don't have what you need? Download an Event Chain that someonw else has created on the Nagios Exchange and import it into your environment.

Download Nagios Reactor

Nagios Reactor downloads are hosted on the Nagios Library. Click the link below to visit the downloads page.