Berapa sih kemampuan maksimum WhatsUpGold ?

  • How high of a load can WhatsUp Gold support? 
  • How many devices is too many? 
  • How many monitors can I have? 
  • How much polling is too much?
Except for the fact that you can only monitor as many devices as your WhatsUp Gold license allows (and as many sources as your NetFlow Monitor license allows), there are no hard-and-fast answers to these questions.
WhatsUp Gold's capacity (that is, how many of each of these things it can handle before its own performance starts to deterioriate) results from an intricate combination of factors:
  • How robust your hardware is (WhatsUp Gold and SQL Server are generally more RAM-intensive than cpu-intensive)
  • Which database you're using
  • Where the database is located
  • How many monitors you have set up
  • How many devices they monitor
  • How large the database is
  • How well-maintained the database is (fragmentation, sufficient free space)
  • How often you poll devices
If you're concerned about WhatsUp Gold's performance, try restoring default settings to your polling and data rollover.
v11.x; v12.0.0; v12.3.0; Flow Monitor Plugin
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