Apa beda versi WhatsUpGold ?

I would like to view a comparison of the different WhatsUp Gold editions.
All three editions of WhatsUp Gold (Standard, Premium, Distributed) offer the following functionality:
  • Web UI, Windows console, and mobile access
  • Alert center
  • Integrated SQL database format
  • Performance monitors
  • Custom actions using Jscript or VBscript
  • Performance monitoring via SNMP
  • ICMP, IP range scan, SNMP SmartScan
  • Manual creation of device dependencies, multi-level topology mapping
  • Import image files for graphical backgrounds
  • CPU utilization, disk space and utilization, interface utilization, memory, ping latency
  • Over 50 Full reports in HTML & 200 workspace reports
  • Reporting data export to: email, Excel, PDF, CSV formats
  • Email, Alpha/Text Pager, SMS, Web alarms, Windows popups, sound, SNMP traps, service restart, external scripts
  • Advanced alert suppression & blackout reporting
  • Configurable alert/alarm escalation to comply with pre-defined escalation procedures
WhatsUpGold Premium offers all of the above functionality plus the following:
  • Application & server monitoring (Windows, Unix and Linux) via SSH & WMI
  • Wireless access point monitor (WAP)
  • Enhanced real-time network monitoring with Split Second graphs and InstantInfo
  • Pre-defined scanning templates for role-based identification of devices
  • Hardware monitoring - UPS, printer, fan, power supply, temperature
  • Integrated WMI support
  • Exchange 2000/2003/2007/2010, SQL Server 2005/2008
  • SQL query monitor for Microsoft SQL Server and My SQL
  • HTTP/S synthetic transaction monitoring (content check)
  • FTP synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Email route
  • SSH monitoring
  • Dashboard manager
  • Pre-configured active and passive monitors
  • Support for instant access to real-time data via InstantInfo
WhatsUp Gold Distributed offers all of the functionality found in WhatsUp Gold Standard and WhatsUp Gold Premium plus the following:
  • Remote IP services
  • Remote SNMP monitoring
  • Remote WMI monitoring
  • Remote device dependencies
  • WAN device, port, and link monitoring
  • Remote alert roll-ups
  • Remote reporting roll-up
  • Remote monitoring survivability
For a graphical representation of a WhatsUp Gold editions comparison, click here.
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