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We know that anything labeled free, usually comes with an asterisk, that quickly spoils the fun. That’s why, we’ve made the Standard Edition of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP free for you – without restrictions. There are no tricks, traps, or an asterisk with our offer. Now, you can enjoy a world-class help desk experience without restrictions on the number of technicians, tickets, or users that usually curtail a good help desk experience!

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Over 700 organizations have already saved their IT spend by choosing the free Standard Edition of ServiceDesk Plus - MSP.

Features of standard edition
The standard edition comes with full-fledged ITIL Incident Management, Billing and Remote Support along with extensive Reporting and Dashboard capabilities that cover the full lifecycle of IT help desk tickets!
Incident Management
Multiple Account Management
Remote support
Self Service Portal
SLA Management
Knowledge Base
User Surveys
Automatic Ticket Dispatcher
Preventive Maintenance
Scheduled Reports
Value adding Features
Value added features
Multi Site Support
Robust Reporting
AD & LDAP Integrations
API Integrations
Holidays and Operational Hour Management
Request Templates
Technician Availability Scheduler