Solusi FTTH dari Draytek

With booming deployment of Fiber, the realization of affordable fatter broadband for home multimedia is feasible.
For FTTH (fiber to home), the Vigor2110F is a FTTH CPE with IP services. The embedded SFF optical connector can be customized for single or dual fiber which is provided by carriers. Under 10/100Mbps -Fiber-speed feed, the bandwidth management offers home/home offices flexible utilization of file downloading, video streaming, multi-media applications.


Figure 1. FTTH

Fiber interface (Transceiver Form Factor)

Figure 2. Fiber interface

Fiber for bandwidth-consume applications

Figure 3. Fiber for bandwidth-consume applications

Two VPN tunnels for tele-workers
Figure 4. Two VPN tunnels for tele-workers

Versatile authentication 

The wireless LAN isolation, Mac address control and WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption let you establish secure WLAN network to extend mobility. Along with WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia), it can keep the priority of voice, video and audio applications in a Wi-Fi network. The bandwidth allocated for video, and when traffic conditions change, the video traffic will maintain its allocated bandwidth, whereas the remaining bandwidth is shared by non-priority traffic. 

Figure 5. Versatile authentication

Segmentation for user groups
Figure 6. Segmentation for user groups

WDS ( Wireless Distribution System )
Figure 7. Wireless Distribution System