Bagaimana membangun call center dengan Ozekiphone

How to setup call centre

This section is going to inform you about setting up a call center and the way you can use them for the advanced communication that your Ozeki Phone System XE provides. If you are looking for a modern and premium quality solution for call management, this page may be the perfect guide for you.
As Figure 1 summarises, you can configure your Ozeki Phone System XE call centre this way: first, open the Ozeki Phone System XE webGUI (graphical user interface). Here you can find the menu where you can set the call queue parameters with a few clicks. Now you can use this feature that contains:
  • ACD Queue (Automatic Call Distribution Queue)
  • Call Center Communicator
  • Call Center Statistics
  • Real Time Agent Monitoring

Figure 1 - Your Ozeki Phone System XE call centre setup and features
Full Feature Call Centre
Call centres must work troublefree and on high quality in order to have satisfied customers. To have a call center like this, you can configure your Ozeki Phone System XE to work for your and your customers' needs – the Ozeki Phone System XE provides all the tools you may need for the configurations. Let us see these features one by one in a few words:
  • Automatic Call Distribution Queue: This feature is the name of the configured call queue in an advanced PBX (Private Branch eXchange) like the Ozeki Phone System XE.

  • Call Center Communicator: This feature's task is to connect customers, partners and agents. The call center communicator is often referred to as a "ringer" after its main purpose. A communicator should include the following features:
    1. incoming and outgoing calls 
    2. call hold
    3. call forwarding
    4. organisation of call conferences
    5. call routing
    6. call registration
    7. monitoring
    8. statistics
  • Call Centre Statistics: This feature is used to show the current status of the agent or group. These statistics can provide a view of what is happening in the call centre at the moment, for a given interval or for a given day.

  • Real Time Agent Monitoring: This feature provides metrics and gives supervisors the possibility to manage their call agents effectively. The authorized supervisors can monitor live agent and customer interactions with this tool.
The Setup in your Ozeki Phone System XE
The setup is quite an easy task with your Ozeki Phone System XE: you just need to enter the Ozeki Phone System XE webGUI, and configure it in the menu with a few clicks. In the menu you can configure all the call management features that you intend to use.
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How to setup Call Center