SupportCenter integrasi dengan Twitter.

In this age, social networking media is the preferred medium to sort people's queries rather than phone or mail. In this class, Twitter proved as a better channel for people to share their concerns as short messages with the world.
Empower your customer support operation with SupportCenter Plus' twitter integration to effectively monitor trouble tickets reported through tweets for proactive response and improved customer support experience. In short, establish twitter as one of the Communication Channel with your customers. Convert tweets into tickets and manage help desk.
IT Asset Management Software- Social Media Support

The Twitter function

Twitter integration in SupportCenter Plus enables you to feel the ease to track your customers' comments or SupportQueries in the form of Tweets. Respond to those tickets raised with tweets or have it created as a request for further correspondence.
Just by configuring your Twitter account credentials and the keywords, the system will allow you to fetch related tweets. Further options available will help to send response as a direct tweet, mention or as a created new request. SupportCenter Plus will also allow you to manage your customers' Twitter screen name in their contact profile.
IT Asset Management Software- The Twitter function

Essence of Twitter Integration

SupportCenter Plus uniquely targets and integrates relevant conversation taking place on the social networking and micro-blogging service, twitter, allowing support technicians to identify instances of Customers tweeting about a company or its products. With this Twitter integration, support professionals are enabled to access another channel for communicating with customers, proactively offering assistance when they see individual Tweeting a question or concern. SupportCenter Plus provides technicians a single console through which they may address customer needs, regardless of whether the initial customer contact comes through Twitter, a standard support form or an email.