Monitor respon HTTP dari seluruh dunia

Today's business relies very much on the internet. This is true not only for vendors with big web shops, but also for companies, which present their product portfolio, or provide their services online. Downtime will actually mean revenue loss. As business is becoming more global, it isn't enough to monitor the availability of a web server from one single location—and that's where our brand-new Cloud HTTP sensor comes into play...

The Cloud HTTP sensor keeps a close eye on your web server from various locations, which are distributed over five continents around the globe. Just enter the URL the sensor should connect to. This could either be a URL leading to a webpage, for example, to measure the loading time of the page's source code. Or you could enter the URL of a page asset, for example, an image to measure its availability and loading time. Currently, all measurements are performed from the following locations:
  • Asia Pacific: Singapore
  • Asia Pacific: Sydney
  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo
  • EU Central: Frankfurt
  • EU West: Ireland
  • South America: Sao Paulo
  • US East: Northern Virginia
  • US West: Northern California
  • US West: Oregon
The sensor also shows you the global average response time. Pretty great, isn't it?
For more detailed information on the Cloud HTTP sensor, its requirements, and settings please have a look at the PRTG manual. Because this sensor type is currently in a beta status, we would really appreciate your feedback on your experience with it—just let us know! Please note that currently you can only use 5 sensors of this type at the same time.