PRTG bisa digunakan monitor apa pun ...

Our surroundings are getting more and more technical. More and more devices and objects we use do have a network connection. Theoretically you could incorporate all these things in your network monitoring. Quite a lot of PRTG users have gone beyond theory and are monitoring things you wouldn't have thought possible. What about you?

„We use PRTG to monitor the JACKPOT VALUES in our casinos. This gives us insight on how the value is build up and its hit frequency. We also use the live values to show them on our internal narrowcasting system " (Gerard Feijth, Manager ICT at Krijco Casinos & Leisure)
„At a TURKEY HATCHERY you can't leave temperature and humidity to chance. These two factors will determine how many chicks will be able to hatch in the end. All eggs are kept in incubators that draw the air they need from the rooms they are located in. These rooms we monitor with PRTG to make sure it is always warm enough for our turkey eggs." (Elisabeth Miko-Peer, Turkey Hatchery Miko)
„I came up with the idea of building a custom PRTG sensor to monitor the GAS STATIONS on my way to work. No sooner said than done! Now I check all gas stations I want on the website I set up for this purpose before I start off for work." (Manuel Wolff,
In four Calvary HOSPITALS in South Australia Ben monitors quite a lot with PRTG apart from the IT infrastructure. First of all there is the blood fridge: PRTG sends out email alerts instantly if the blood is approaching a critical temperature. Furthermore, Ben monitors the fuel levels of their back up generator as well as the dishwasher temperatures. A force gauge to tells them how full their compactus is and alerts are going to the cleaning company telling them a new bin is required. Not to mention the air conditioning systems, boiler rooms, lift counters, dry contact switches, air flow, and all of their server rooms, ... the works... (Calvary Hospitals)
Ever thought of how those delicious prawns land on your plate? How their life was? If they come from New-Caledonia maybe Yann Urbes of Indeo took care of them. He set up PRTG Network Monitor for a PRAWN FARM. PRTG monitors the water's temperature, salinity and PH value. The farmers get all pool settings in real time onto their smartphones. No matter where they are they can make sure their prawns thrive.
"The 'WEAR-A-TIE' sensor is my favorite 'secret' sensor: Our boss insists that we wear a tie, so as soon as he enters the office, a little cartoon guy on our PRTG dashboard switches from wearing a green shirt to a white shirt and a red tie. This is achieved with a custom map object where some Javascript swaps the image based on an ADO SQL sensor. This sensor actually reads the boss' presence from an Access back-end database linked to our electronic in/out board at the reception desk. So as soon as we see this little guy wearing a tie ... we open our drawer and grab our tie!" (Wim Van Haver, Sonoco Alcore)
For more than 10 years now ADITUS Ltd. from Hannover manage ENTRANCE AND CHECKOUT SYSTEMS at trade shows and other big events. Do you know Germany's big tech fair CeBIT? ADITUS managed all ticketing and entrance systems. How do they guarantee their systems don't fail? You guessed it, with PRTG Network Monitor.
The city of Grenoble in France always knows how many kids run around in the municipal KINDERGARTENS. ID cards are being scanned at the entrance and all information is then tracked in PRTG. Nice way to make sure all kids are safe, right?
Matthias Schindler is a world class PARA-CYCLING athlete who carries a PRTG Android small probe whenever he practices or takes part in a tournament. His Android small probe monitors where he is, what distance he put behind himself and how fast he went. Here is how it looks like.
A few weeks ago our CEO Dirk Paessler stumbled upon NetAtmo, a WEATHER STATION that is reasonably priced and offers almost every value that might interest you in regard to your network's environment. Being mostly used as an end customer device, NetAtmo is really easy to set up. In cooperation with PRTG Network Monitor, you could almost call it "Plug and Monitor".
MUSEUM of international renown is testing a new concept: They monitor the number of people in each exhibition room with light barriers. All data is collected in PRTG which sets off an alarm if a room is too crowded.
Van Berge Henegouwen Installaties has been focused on integrating technology onboard luxury SUPERYACHTS for more than 25 years. And on each of their yachts a PRTG installation keeps an eye on the network. Luxury yachts were not exactly what we had in mind when developing PRTG but we sure like the idea.

What about you? Are you struggling to integrate non-IT 'things' into your IT-infrastructure? Stop struggling and try PRTG Network Monitor now!
The trial version comes with full functionality and no commitment. If you love it - buy it, if not - the trial version will automatically switch to the freeware version with 100 sensors. No risk, all fun!