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MassMailer template di PHPRUNNER

MassMailer template. Version 1.1 Dear subscriber! In this newsletter: - MassMailer template version 1.1 - New features expected soon in this template - More in-depth info on version 1.1 - Other news (Calendar template version 2 is coming soon) 1. MassMailer template version 1.1 We are glad to present an updated version of MassMailer template for PHPRunner.  This template is designed to send daily/weekly/monthly billing reminders or daily reports. You can fully customize the appearance of each email making it truly personal. It can be also used to send one off newsletters to all your customers or users. New features in this update: - Repeating sections in templates - Execute SQL after each email More info, screenshots and setup examples. MassMailer template requires PHPRunner 8. Supported databases are Microsoft Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and Postgre. We expect ASPRunnerPro and ASPRunner.NET versions to be available soon as well.
This update is free of charge for existing MassMailer te…

Gunakan Big Data Analysis dengan bijak

The proper application of big data technology can provide companies with the advantages they need to outpace the competition. The strategic advantages that big data can provide include identifying a single version of the truth, enabling quick insights, scenario and market simulation, real-time decision making, and organizational memory. Of course, that is not to say that simply adopting big data ensures success. As with any business strategy, best practices of course must be utilized when an organization decides to implement a big data strategy. But it is equally important that common pitfalls, or worst practices, are avoided. The complexity and ubiquity of big data make it a challenge to incorporate into a business strategy. With the amount of data companies are collecting today, the risk of companies drowning in their own data is higher than it ever has been. Along with these challenges, a side effect would be that of over-expenditure. Because the big data movement is relatively ne…