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Membuat Chart dalam PHPRunner

Creating chart
To create a chart: 1. Proceed to the Datasource tables page and click Create Chart. 2. Select datasource table and chart name. Click OK. Note that you can create a copy of existing chart (right-click the chart and select Copy). On the next several pages (use Next button to navigate) you can: ·make necessary changes to SQL query. More info about editing SQL queries; ·select the type of chart to build. More info about chart types; ·choose Data Series fields (more info about setting chart parameters); ·modify chart appearance options. Note that you can use charts as both master and details tables. For more information, see Master-detail relationship between tables. Chart as details table: Chart as master table:

Membuat dynamic database chart dengan PHPRUNNER

Building dynamic database charts with PHPRunner Charts provide quick and easy way to visualize even the most complex data. PHPRunner allows you to build database-based charts (Line, pie, doughnut, horizontal/vertical bars, 3D and others). With PHPRunner you can create, customize, preview and deploy any chart with just a few mouse clicks. Right in the PHPRunner's Visual Editor environment you can copy and paste any chart to any other page (i.e. report/list/view/another chart) which will allow you to quickly build powerful dashboards with multiple graphs on the same page. Charts require the data fields that store numeric values. However, you can build a chart based on any data if you are using aggregate functions. Consider the following Orders table: CustomerCountryTotalAndrew PetersUSA$250Katie BradshowAustralia$85Jeff SimpsonUSA$150Arnold MatteusGermany$120Arnold MatteusGermany$160Jeff MontgomeryGB$150Andrew PetersUSA$65Jeff SimpsonUSA$95Luke SohuFrance$40Jeff MontgomeryGB

SOFTWARE memakan dunia IT

Software is eating the world. Everywhere you look there's an app for that. And I'm talking everywhere - including places and activities that maybe there shouldn't be an app for. No, I won't detail which those are. The Internet is your playground, I'm sure you can find examples.  The point is that software is eating not just the world of consumers, but the world of IT.  While most folks take this statement to mean that everything in IT is becoming software and the end of hardware is near, that's not really what it's saying. There has to be hardware somewhere, after all. Compute and network and storage resources don't come from the Stork, you know. No, it's not about the elimination of hardware but rather about how reliant on software we're becoming across all of IT. To put it succinctly, the future is software deploying software delivering software. Let me break that down now, because that's a lot of software. The first thing we note is that…

Membandingkan WPS Office dengan MSOffice

HOW DOES WPS OFFICE COMPARE TO MICROSOFT OFFICE®? GlobalWriterPresentationSpreadsheets WPS OFFICE 10 BUSINESS EDITIONMICROSOFT OFFICE® HOME & BUSINESS 2013IncludesWriter, Presentation and SpreadsheetsWord, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and OneNoteFREE Mobile AppYes
Install on unlimited mobile devicesNo. Limited access.
Full access requires Office 365 subscription
Installs only on a limited number of mobile devices