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6 Langkah menjadi Change Manager

6 Steps that Made Ben a Better Change ManagerApr 27POSTED BY Leeben Amirthavasagam | ServiceDesk Plus Ben is the new IT ​administrator of a large production company. Soon after joining, Ben learned that the company used outdated software to manage its payroll and used different applications to track employee absences and travel claims. This ​resulted in miscalculation of the amount payable by the company to the employee and ​vice versa.  Often, the company paid the employees either more or less than the correct amount, which led to a lot ofchaos. Ben decided to tackle these issues by first implementing a new payroll software solution that came with two integrated modules, an expense module and an HR module. The expense module will track the travel expenses of the employees and the HR module will track the absence and leave types, ensuring accuracy in calculating the amount payable to an employee. Regardless of how small or big it is, change involves managing people, processes, and techn…

Memasang On-Premise Poller Site24x7

On-Premise Poller for Windows How Can I...Add On-Premise PollerInstall the AgentConfigure ProxyAuto Upgrade AgentEdit/Modify the added On-Premise Poller Add On-Premise PollerClick Admin > On-Premise Poller.Select AddOn-Premise Poller.Select the installation platform as Windows in the On-Premise Poller screen.Click on the binary type (32-bit or 64-bit) to save the software to the system.Install the AgentClick the downloaded file to open the On-Premise Poller Setup installation wizard. Click Next.
Read the License agreement and click Yes to proceed.Enter your Device key when prompted.

7 Kebiasaan Service Desk THE AVENGERS

7 Service Desk Habits of The Avengers!Apr 21POSTED BY Vinit Tibrewal | Help Desk (Image copyrighted either by Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures or Marvel Studios) “If you are an IT help desk technician, you’re a superhero!” You may have heard this many times from your help desk solution provider, if not from your customers and colleagues. Do you believe this notion? Do you really think you can be a superhero? Well, I believe you can. But let’s not get overzealous because with great power comes great responsibility. Nuking the army of Chitauri from outer space may not be your responsibility, but successfully neutralizing the end-user request ticket within stipulated time is. For performing the expected responsibilities, you don’t need super powers; however,you can learn some the simple habits of the superheroes. Plan Ahead Like Nick Fury If there is something to take away from the habits of the S.H.I.E.L.D. director, it’s planning. Nick Fury is smart and sharp in his methods. He ant