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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Calendar Template v2 untuk PHPRUNNER, ASPRUNNER dan ASPRUNNER.NET

Calendar template v2

New version of Calendar template is here. Display any data in calendar format and more.

What's new in this update

1. Calendar template v2 is avaialble for PHPRunner 8.0, ASPRunnerPro 9.0 and ASPRunner.NET 8.0 users.
2. Streamlined UI, less clutter, focus on your data
3. Display data from any table in calendar format. In this example we display orders from Northwind database in calendar format.
Feel free to check setup instructions. You only need to add 4 lines of code to AfterAppInit event to make this happen.
Here is the code that we have used for Northwind calendar demo above:
$calendarSettings["calendarTable"] = "orders"; 
$calendarSettings["calendarKeys"]["calendarid"] = "OrderID"; 
$calendarSettings["calendarFields"]["calendarDateField"] = "OrderDate";
$calendarSettings["calendarFields"]["calendarSubject"] = "CustomerID"; 
$calendarSettings["calendarFields"]["calendarDescription"] = "ShipName"; 

Note that drag-n-drop works in this demo as well, just make sure you are logged in.
4. Schedule tasks picking certain days of the week
Template Pack owners can upgrade to Calendar v2 for $25.
All others can purchase Calendar v2 for $50.