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GraphOn vs. Microsoft and Citrix

GraphOn vs. Microsoft and Citrix GO-Global is the easy application access and Web-enabling solution that provides instant access to Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications. It eliminates the need for complex infrastructure such as Citrix XenApp or limited Windows-only solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services). Download competitive product analysis.
FEATURES AND FUNCTIONGRAPHONMICROSOFTCITRIXAPPLICATION PUBLISHING Windows applications Yes Yes Yes UNIX applications Yes* No No Linux applications Yes* No No CLIENT SUPPORT Windows client Yes Yes Yes Linux client Yes No*** Yes Mac OS X client Yes No*** Yes Mobile client Yes No*** Yes EASE OF USE AND EFFICIENCYInstall, configure, and deploy in less than one day Yes No No Low server memory and CPU usage Yes Yes Yes Reduced configuration and management overhead Yes

Akses aplikasi Windows dari iPhone, iPad, Android, dengan Go-Global Mobile Clients

GO-Global Mobile ClientsGO-Global iOS Client Now you can view and interact with your favorite Windows applications right from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch using just your fingers. Our GO-Global iOS Client app uses intuitive multi-touch gestures to achieve popular mouse and keyboard operations. Features include auto-zoom, auto-resize on device rotation, voice-to-text input, plus iPhone and iPad 3 screen display optimization. NEW:GO-Global iOS Client is now supported through GraphOn's GO-Global Gateway. To access Windows programs on your iOS device, first purchase or download a free trial of our GO-Global for Windows software. Then download the free GO-Global iOS Client app from the Apple App Store. To evaluate the iOS Client without installing GO-Global for WIndows, simply download the iOS Client and then connect to our online demonstration server to interact with popular Windows programs. Read about our private label iOS Client option. GO-Global Android Client Our free GO-Global…

Solusi untuk Pembuat Software agar software nya bisa diakses multiplatform.

GO-Global Solutions for ISVs GO-Global is the fast, simple and affordable way for independent software vendors (ISVs) and application service providers (ASPs) to instantly extend the reach of existing Windows, UNIX and Linux applications to the Web or to different platforms. It's the ideal way to reduce your time to market and quickly reach new audiences, increase revenues, and strengthen your brand. You’ll eliminate the time, money and effort normally required to rewrite applications for the Web or port them to new platforms. And you’ll retain 100% of your application’s features, functions and branding. Web-enable Today, Not TomorrowGO-Global Is Easy. Your application runs unchanged on a central host along with the GO-Global software. It’s then instantly published or “served up” to local and remote client devices. With GO-Global, there's no need for complex infrastructure such as Citrix XenApp or limited Windows-only solutions such as Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (forme…

Cara mudah membuat Private Cloud, gunakan Go-Global Gateway

GO-Global Gateway GO-Global Gateway is the easy and cost-effective way to create a secure, private cloud environment. As a standard GO-Global for Windowsfeature provided at no additional cost, GO-Global Gateway gives administrators extensive control over user rights and privileges, allowing them to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global for Windows Hosts. Users can access and share applications, files, and documents via simple hyperlinks. And developers can integrate Windows applications into Web-based enterprise and workflow applications using the GO-Global Web API. GO-Global Gateway runs under Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2003 R2 or Windows Server 2003. It can be installed on a standalone Windows Server, or together with GO-Global for Windows Host on a Windows Server. GO-Global Features at a GlanceAnywhere Access. GO-Global Gateway requires only a Flash-enabled browser to run applications and open documents, using standard po…

AUTOMATION tidak akan mengurangi PEKERJA

There is an ongoing debate surrounding automation and the impact that it has on people’s jobs. It may seem that after waves of blue-collar jobs were supplanted by technologies since the dawn of the machine, that white-collar jobs are now under threat. While some technologies threaten to encroach on traditional office tasks through their ability to complete administrative, service-focused, and even writing-based tasks, these concerns are often misjudged. Technology has transformed the office over the past thirty years but people have not become unemployed. They have just changed what they do and how they do it. > See also: Busting the enterprise automation myth: are businesses right to still be wary of SaaS? Take software automation as an example. Many organisations employ large numbers of IT administrators and support staff to manage the deployment and use of software. Updates and new versions of software are produced at regular intervals and typically need to be tested by an organ…

Cara untuk mengoptimalkan data center Anda

How can data center managers get more from their data center model? Bill Kleyman looks at five areas where you can optimize. It’s a new year and once again data center professionals are looking at new ways to make their infrastructure even more efficient. At this point, the modern data center has become the central hub for almost all technologies. Whether it’s content delivery, data distribution, or just overall business support, the data center is absolutely critical for today’s business to thrive. The proliferation of cloud computing and IT consumerization has all driven a pretty big boom in data center demand. Because of this, data center administrators are constantly trying to find ways to improve performance, enhance infrastructure density, and increase multi-tenancy capabilities. As more converged systems make their way into the data center, infrastructure optimization will be critical to maintain a high level of service. So what are some great ways that you can optimize your d…

Bring Your Own Device pasti mempengaruhi Network Performance Anda

The impact of BYOD on Network Performance According to a recent Gartner article the lines are becoming increasingly blurred for network managers, as BYOD is embraced by staff, customers and suppliers. Customers and suppliers are looking to connect to business applications on the network, while staff are using BYOD to access business applications and access recreational apps.
It is understandable that a network manager’s life is not made easier by BYOD. Many questions are immediately raised:
How many BYOD devices are running on the network?
Are these devices secure?What applications are being accessed on BYOD devices?What's the impact on the applications and on network performance?How are recreational apps affecting human productivity?How can the activity of users on these devices be managed and controlled?Gartner highlights the fact that this trend is not going away and it is likely to increase. That will mean network managers will have to adapt and devel…

Retailer menekan angka downtime dari 6 jam menjadi hanya 7 menit dengan WhatsUpGold

Convenience stores are the fast way for folks on the road to run in, grab what they need and be off to the next stop in their busy days. But when a regional convenience store chain known for its speedy service found itself spending as much as 6 hours to recover from fairly frequent failures of DVR servers used to help secure its stores it simply created too much busy work. For a couple of years, the chain's IT staff had responded to DVR server failures by pulling a technician away from whatever work was assigned for the day and having he or she drive to a store to reimage the machine. Each trip meant a half day or more wasted out of the office to perform less than 10 minutes of actual onsite work to reimage the machine and reboot. Adding insult to injury, the fully burdened cost per incident topped $2500. Meanwhile, an important security asset was offline for hours at a time. That's when the chain's IT director called the Ipswitch network management division and asked if …