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4 network requirements to enable the Internet of Things The hype surrounding the potential of the Internet of Things shows no sign of subsiding, so how can network managers make it a reality for their business? Posted by Ben Rossi on 13 November 2015 ‘Consistent connectivity now becomes critical to how effectively these devices will perform’
The Internet of Things (IoT) is morphing from smart concept to reality. Investment bank Goldman Sachs cites it as a $7 trillion opportunity by 2020, with the trend set to have an impact at every stage in the production and distribution of products. The 'smarts' are now on parade: smart cities with their smart grids and smart transportation systems and smart cars, all demonstrating the benefits of machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity. Consistent connectivity now becomes critical to how effectively these devices will perform, and this connectivity relies on having the right network infrastructure in place. There are four fundamental network…

Dengan PHPRunner, bisa langsung EDIT di aplikasi

Similar to Excel-like grid discussed in previous article this technique helps you to achieve similar goals. Instead of bringing up the whole edit page you can click that single field you need to edit, change its value and see your changes posted to the database automatically. Live demo
Click any of fields that are enabled for inline editing. Text will turn into edit control, the way it were setup in PHPRunner, ASPRunnerPro or ASPRunner.NET. To exit editing hit Esc button on your keyboard or click anywhere outside of edit control. Changes will be saved automatically. To make this happen select one or more fields to be editable inline and add the following code to List page: Javascript OnLoad event. Code PHPRunner $(document).ready(function() {  var $elem;  var key;  var field;  var val;  function cancelEditing() {  if ($"editing")) {              $elem.html(val);              $"editing", false);              $elem.closest("td").css("…