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Get to Know Your Website's Visitors

Do you know your website visitors? What search tags they used to arrive at your site? Where they come from? How soon they find on your site what they came looking for? The conversion percentage and things that affect it? Is your website bringing in new customers?
Answers to these questions hold the key to the success of your website and eventually your business. So, do you have these answers?
WebAnalyzer Plus, a free, real-time web analytics solution, will provide you answers to the above questions and much more. Its intuitive user interface and rich feature set means you don't have to be an analytical expert to get the data you need. With WebAnalyzer Plus you can gain valuable insights into your website's visitors - in real time - so you can optimize your customers' experience and maximize revenues.
See who’s on your site, how they are engaging with your content, your site’s performance and more as it happens. Quickly react to live trends and change tactics.
Learn where your visitors click on a page and identify hot and cold click zones. With our beautifully designed device specific heat maps you can see what’s working and what's not.

Customer Behavior Analytics

Get to know about the visitors to your website. Details like geography, technology & referrer will help you sketch out the perfect strategy to improve customer retention.

Custom Reports

Apart from the rich set of reports that are available by default, you can create your own customized report by utilizing our rich set of filters.

Data privacy

WebAnalyzer Plus fully respects your privacy, and you have full control over your data.

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